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letter : school uniforms have changed

by:Teesso     2019-08-21
Sir: people who don\'t like to wear school uniforms think it is uncomfortable to wear school uniforms (
Report February 3)
It is obvious that the school uniforms in primary schools have not been met today.
I teach in two junior high schools, both of which have school uniforms.
The school uniform at my last school included a polo shirt, a jersey and a skirt/trousers.
Very practical, machine
Resistant to washing, wear and comfort.
School uniforms help children to be proud of their appearance.
It\'s much easier to go out to busy places to look after all the kids at school, and we have a lot of compliments on how smart the kids look.
I also think it makes it easier for parents because there is no debate about what to wear to school and there is no debate about children because there are no peers
The pressure of fashion clothing.
But we don\'t look at things too far, don\'t send the kids home because they don\'t wear the right uniform.
What is the benefit of this for their education?
There is no doubt that it is only necessary to provide spare uniforms to those who arrive at school without them.
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