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by:Teesso     2019-09-01
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I have never really paid attention to pop culture.
My finger is on the pulse of something like the 19 th.
Literature of the century (
No More).
But when I saw a picture of a new celebrity, I became a dead person --hard fan.
It\'s not that he looks very unusual.
You can even pass by people like him on the street without notice.
He has no special talent.
However, he knows the factor.
Whatever he\'s doing-
Walk past the paparazzi, greet the cheering crowd, or lick the reporter ---
The wild dog Uno embodies pure charm.
Uno was his first breed to win the famous Westminster Dog Club dog show.
His victory was remarkable because it was the case with the Bigg. . . basic.
They are white cotton T.
Dogdom of shirt--
They don\'t have anything to brush, fluff, or style--
However, when Uno performed best on the show, the audience jumped up with warm applause.
The newscaster announced his victory with a stupid smile.
Everyone likes the extraordinary brand of Uno.
I \'ve always learned from bigs: Snoopy, Charles Schulz\'s cartoon character, made my childhood sweeter, and the cookies my dear left taught me about peace, emotion and violence
But I have found new lessons by studying Uno\'s personal charm, and I am beginning to believe that there is no better way to enhance your charm than to follow his example. Oprah.
Com: Actually, there are 10 ways to meet your needs.
You really don\'t need to learn charm, just like you need to learn laughter.
I believe everyone is naturally attractive.
Babies squinted from their unfathomable open mind with a fierce, greedy curiosity, making it impossible not to stare at them.
But within a few months, or years, many children cover up their true selves.
Charm, you see, attracting attention, attention can be a problem.
For example, at the age of 5, when her mother loses her temper at home or worse, when she gets drunk in public, Melanie has learned to retreat and disappear.
Aylin was bullied by classmates who envied her to attract the attention of her teacher, so she taught herself not to do so.
Perfectionist Lisette has turned her attention because she is worried that anyone who notices her will notice her shortcomings.
That\'s why some of us are in adolescence and behave more like beaten puppies than Westminster champions.
Below you will find four steps to help you demonstrate your own charm.
If you read them and think, \"Oh, I will never!
\"You may have covered up your natural charm and then mistaken these veils for your true personality.
This may be a necessary move, but to live completely now, you must put down the disguise.
In the immortal words of Marianne Williamson, \"the little you play is not for the world. \"Oprah.
What is your real motivation? Step 1.
We often use the word \"posture\" to imply falsehood, but more simply, the word means \"the position of our body \".
When her mother was drinking, Melanie was actually curled up inside, hunched on her shoulders, rounded her spine and her eyes down.
In order to avoid being proud, Elin was depressed.
He held his ribs with his arm for thirty years.
They\'re all posing.
So are you now.
The question is not to ask or not, but how to know which body language reflects your true self.
Watch the magic Bigg on YouTube because his handler positioned him as a toy.
Being placed in a show gesture, away from the limit Uno, seems to fill him with confidence and over-inflate his charm.
For human beings, like dogs, physical games affect emotions.
You may realize that you spend most of your day in charm --
Broken location.
Your toddler posture. -
The spine is straight, the shoulder is backward, the chest is outward, and the head is high--
It may have long been forgotten, but repositioning your own nature is essential to reveal your innate charm.
That\'s why the soldiers are paying attention (
Basically the \"acting posture\" of Uno \").
Try it yourself: Stand up straight, open your shoulders, put down your collarbone, and put down your chin.
If you feel a bit like General Batten, exaggerate the pose a bit until you do so.
Try other poses and pay attention to how they affect your self-feelings.
Hook your thumb through your belt loop and become a cowboy;
Smile on your shoulder and feel tempting;
Imitate the David of Picasso and find the courage to fight Gloria.
Cultivating charm is one of the few areas I recommend to adopt the strategy of \"pretend until you succeed\", because any posture that can inspire confidence, even if it feels false, is actually a return to authenticity.
No one was defeated. Oprah.
How attractive are you?
For the rest of the day, stand, sit and walk like the most attractive people you know.
Pay attention to the moments when you feel stupid or embarrassed about showing your charm.
You have forgotten who you are by those times.
If you stick to it for a few days, you will find that attractive body language is a kind of self.
Strengthen the cycle.
When your body is more aligned with your true self, others will begin to pay more attention to you.
Don\'t let it affect your new behavior (
In other words, don\'t go back to the downturn).
In the end, you must become confident enough to give up your attitude that is not important to good. Step 2.
When you get to the edge. .
Keep goingDiane Ackerman wrote, \"there are times when you can give yourself to a loved one or not;
Yield to self
Doubt, uncertainty, and admonition;
Have a deep understanding of different cultures, or do not understand different cultures;
Set sail for unknown or unknown;
Whether you go on stage or not. . . .
Then, boycott. . .
Only things that can happen.
Ackerman calls these moments \"coastal\", just like the boundary between land and sea.
A striking feature of attractive people is that they choose to walk through the coastal moments as there is no doubt.
Now, let me take this opportunity to clarify what I mean: since narcis can show charm for a while, because they never doubt that they are right.
This belief is paid attention and respect, at least until they are finally proven to be hopelessly wrong.
By contrast, the true charismatic admits and learns from their mistakes.
They release doubts simply because they are not useful when they are on the edge of danger.
Once Uno came on stage, for example, he never seemed to worry that he might not be a champion (
Although there\'s not a lot of things that biger has won).
His affirmation eventually changed everyone, including the judge. Oprah.
Com: Good compromise
Follow this example to find a marina in your life and go beyond it, as you have no doubt.
For Melanie, it means arranging an intervention for her mother and pretending to be confident (
Eventually become a reality)
When she tells the truth and asks her mother to enter the rehab center.
Elin\'s first charm adventure was to attend her high school party, holding her head high and exuding authority, eliminating the fear of offending or surpassing others.
Lisette joined Toastmasters, where she learned to stand and perform and show anxiety is damn.
For these women and each of us, swimming in the ocean of adventure will wash away more layers that wrap your charm.
Find your coastal moments, throw your doubts to the shore and walk into the waves. Step 3.
Westminster Dog Show is a multi-breed festival of selfconsciousness.
In the video of the event, you can see everyone, people and animals, thinking, \"Are they watching me ? \"?
Can they see my hips?
How about my hairstyle?
\"Everyone is like this except for Uno.
His eyes were fixed on the crowd.
He will cheer when they cheer.
When he growled at the judge, \"Yo! How you doin\'?
Usually ancient officials grinned like children.
Uno is making the most attractive move possible: he focuses his attention on the people around him.
Melanie did so with her mother\'s intervention.
Instead of just rehearsing and giving impassioned speeches, she pays close and respectful attention to her mother (for once)returned. Both Ellyn (
At her high school party)and Lisette (
In practice with her speaker)
It is also known that groups have personality.
Focus on any one person or crowd, just as Uno pays attention to the audience of Westminster with a friendly curiosity, and your charm energy touches everyone. Why?
People who pay attention to them. Oprah.
Com: How to get people to really listen to Step 4: using space to create space just because attractive people pay strong attention to others doesn\'t mean they forget themselves.
On the contrary.
The essence of charm is to highlight the infinite consciousness of others while shocking others.
Solid boundary.
When an aggressive reporter pushed the microphone onto the Uno\'s face, Uno chewed the microphone with no apologies with his teeth and turned to a more polite admirer.
He did not show any angry, aggressive border setting due to lack of confidence.
Like anyone who is truly attractive, he has mastered the art of clean response ---
A pleasant chomp in his case.
Melanie maintained this effective neutral energy with her mother\'s intervention, stating her position, while refusing to bash or submit to the mother\'s drunken plea.
Elin found that when she made herself shine, she had to reject those who liked it and those who didn\'t want it, but a firm, optimistic \"No, thank you\" finished the job
She found that she could be the focus when she wanted ---
Stay away from it when she needs space.
Her lack of politeness is a powerful version of her pleasant chomp.
If you play with the steps above--
Of course I hope you can. -
You will find that some bold poses feel more correct than others, life calls you over a particular coastline, and specific people and groups will really respond to your attention, you have your own way to manage pleasant teeth.
The purpose of exploring the general elements of these charms is to find your unique style.
\"Oh my God, shucks,\" you might think about it at this point.
\"I have no charm.
I\'m just an ordinary person.
\"Yes, it\'s just a normal dog.
Charm is the light from the core of all ordinary life.
Without illuminating the world in a new, unique way, you cannot strip the veil that covers your true nature.
You will be the one you are. -
Only, only, Uno--
Everyone wants to see it.
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