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latest business tactic to improve service

by:Teesso     2019-11-05
I ordered two.
Sleeve polo shirt from online retailer L. L.
Beans last weekend.
But that\'s not why I wrote this. L. L.
It turns out that Bean added a mobile commerce page to its website today.
But that\'s not why I wrote this.
This is why: buried a few paragraphs in the story, LL.
Not only does Bean spokesperson Laurie Brooks say that her company\'s involvement in mobile channels is \"right for many businesses today\", but it will be a \"extended customer service option for us.
Mobile websites help L. L.
Bean serves the customer better.
Popular news Southern California earthquake Bahamas helicopter crash World Cup controversy Trump pays tribute to the United StatesL.
In terms of service, Bean is a company that deserves attention.
Last year, it claimed the number.
In Bloomberg Businessweek\'s \"Customer Service Champion\" rankings, there is a position to beat perennial popular companies such as Apple, Amazon and Starbucks.
But I\'m skeptical about its latest statement.
Even though I think the mobile site is against L. L.
Bean and many other electronics
Business Enterprise, I\'m not sure if each company should need to create a second website on Twitter than every business.
Let\'s back up and define a term or two.
The \"mobile\" website I\'m talking about is a standalone website with pointers to optimize iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.
Consumers visiting LL. Bean\'s e-
The business website on the smartphone Web browser will be automatically redirected to the mobile website.
The optimized website will display fonts that are easier to read and graphics that are reduced due to smaller smartphone screens. L. L.
Bean is using a platform called Usablenet that works with several large platforms
Name companies such as Walgreens and FedEx as mobile sites.
I have a small problem: although I think mobile sites can better serve customers who visit L. L.
I\'m not sure if that means a better service for the user.
This is a small but important difference. L. L.
Bean\'s online user experience is good, but it\'s not perfect enough.
I lost my shirt several times when I tried to order it and then tried to order my size clothes. The user-
The product reviews generated below the item are generic, not the shirt I\'m looking. If L. L.
Bean just made a tricky product to move
Optimized. Is there any improvement?
To be fair to the company, I found the overall experience to be very good-\"much better than trying to print my draft book using the FedEx website the previous week and send it to the editor.
I gave up an hour later, including a frustrating call to its 800 --number.
Truly improve customer service, L. L.
Bean will have to expand its call center and start training its customer service agents to use various forms of social media such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, to support customer queries through smarphone or mobile devices.
Given the company\'s reputation for service, I\'m sure it\'s on the way.
But I bet my shirt will arrive before that.
But a mobile site can\'t, can\'t-
Improve customer service.
Do every business need Twitter?
Can you do low cost when you insist on charging high fees?
Christopher Elliott is the consumer advocate, co-columnist and curator of wiki around you.
He is the author of the upcoming book \"scam: How to save money and find better services in a world full of scams, fraud and suspicious transactions\", which critics call \"eyes --
\"And\" inspiring.
\"You can follow Elliott on Twitter, Facebook or his personal blog, Elliott.
Email him directly.
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