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kp maclane- men\'s luxury polo shirt brings forward a clean and modern approach with quality.

by:Teesso     2019-08-27
About kp maclane: centered on the concept of \"a revolutionary classic piece\", KP MacLane introduced the perfect polo shirt.
This brand brings back the great legacy of America and cultivates an elegant product.
By combining luxurious French fabrics, ideal fit, detailed craftsmanship, and a logo-free design, this truly versatile fabric allows you to go from morning till night.
Having pure and perfect quality is a clean modern way.
I like to call this sense of style a smart design for the new global universe.
KP MacLane was created by designers Kathryn Petti MacLean and Jared MacLean, who started to create an exceptional America
A brand that combines European fashion traditions with American craftsmanship.
These Boros have a wonderful softness.
Range of strong and solid colors.
They maintain a good shape due to the elasticity of the fibers.
The retail price of polos for women and men is $155 and $175, respectively, and a range of custom dyed colors and sizes can be purchased.
Each polo has its own signature packaging.
Men\'s polo embroidery reusable linen bag from KP MacLane.
$175 available-
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