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katie holmes: cult won’t get my suri

by:Teesso     2019-09-29
Tom Cruise\'s wife, Katie Holmes, is divorcing the star to save her daughter, Suri, from Scientology, according to reports last night.
Katie, 33, is fighting for the sole custody of six-year-old Suri, so she-
Not cruise, followers of cult faith
Control the religion and education of children.
A friend said Suri was about to start getting educated by the Scientology school soon, and she was \"frightened \".
Katie and her husband, cruise, reached a turning point because she felt \"suffocating\" living with his mom and sister.
The appearance of the Hollywood superstar family sparked a quarrel between the star couple.
This is one of the main reasons Katie decided to divorce.
The actress will seek the support of a friend of Victoria Beckham, who is also eager to save Suri from the Scientology religion, followed by three times --wed husband.
Katie is said to be a Catholic and has been secretly plotting the split for several weeks.
When Cruise went out to shoot, she took Suri from her home in Beverly Hills to New York and rented an apartment at the Big Apple for her and the little girl to move in.
She quoted \"irreconcilable differences\"
Lawyer Shot. Five-year marriage —
She is seeking sole custody of her daughter.
She is considered to have a better chance in New York, as the sundaggers hold a favorable position in Los Angeles, and the California courts are more inclined to support a joint custody agreement.
But last night\'s report said that Cruise, who turned 50 on Tuesday, will fight back by launching a divorce lawsuit against competitors and asking to listen to them in Los Angeles.
His lawyer would insist that Katie did not meet the residency requirements for filing files in New York, because although the couple had luxurious properties in New York, their \"all
Time home in California.
A source told the US celebrity website: \"In the meantime, Tom will file a divorce application in California and request Sue\'s co-custody.
\"It\'s absolutely impossible for Katie to have the sole custody.
\"These boundaries are being drawn, which will be a very controversial battle for custody.
\"Three Questions-
The war of law, the future of Suri and the Scientology are intertwined.
Cruise\'s mother, Mary Lee, sister Cass, and adopted 19-year-old Isabella and 17-year-old Connor all live in the Beverly Hills mansion of the couple.
They\'re scientists and Cass.
Isabella and Connor School
A source close to Cruise and Katie said: \"Katie found the set --
Sometimes extreme suffocation.
One of the main things about her quarrel with Tom is his family.
\"Everywhere they go, his mother is there, and his sister and children are there.
They all live in the same mansion.
But even if the house is big, it gets too much for Katie.
Another source said Katie was \"scared\" of what Suree would become if she were introduced to the Scientology school \". Cruise —
Katie is said to have declared a divorce on Friday, \"completely shocked --
Landed in Reykjavik, Iceland yesterday.
Mission: Impossible hero is shooting scenes for his new movie forgotten.
He flew between Reykjavik and the helicopter.
Looks like a ghost when found.
Isabella and Conner are with him.
The young man happily described his adventures there on Twitter, including rafting, cliff jumping and barbecue hot dog sausage in the crater.
But when Katie played Tom boy Joey Porter in the TV series \"Dawson\'s Creek\" and made public her divorce plan, his tweets stopped.
Friends believe that the cruise, along with Connor, proved completely unexpected.
\"Tom needs time to get around all this,\" the source said.
A former friend of Cruise told her last night how Katie moved because Suri was about to start learning and practicing Scientology --
Campaign launched by sci in 1952
Science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard followed by Grease star John Travolta.
Mark Haidley, 39, is the star\'s confidant, working at the controversial religious Gold Base Headquarters in Gilman Springs, California, before he withdrew from the cult.
He described the \"security check\" of religion, in which the moral officer used a device called email to investigate followers
Instruments allegedly using electric energy to measure mood changes.
Mark said: \"Su Rui was just six years old when Shanda-Ji children were examined for child safety for the first time.
They are terrible, especially strict interrogation of children.
She will also be tested electronically. meter.
\"I don\'t want my child or anyone\'s child to go through this ordeal.
They will bark at Suri, \"Did you steal it ? \"
Or \"did you lie?
She is only six years old.
That\'s why Katie chose to run away now.
\"The fact that Katie is actively fighting for separate custody is to save Suri from the scientific side.
She knew that if Tom had a way, the girl would go home.
Educated by a cult
\"Katie can see how bad Isabella and Connor are.
\"She saw that they had nothing to do with their mother, Nicole Kidman, and she was afraid that this would happen to her. ” Married dad-of-
Two marks claim Katie\'s hands.
He was chosen by the Church of Scientology as Cruise\'s wife.
The relationship, he said, was planned by 52-year-old Scientology leader David miscage, who was Cruise\'s best man at a wedding near Rome.
He added: \"The Church recruited Katie as Tom\'s wife.
Katie is said to have rented the New York pad despite having a house there.
People think she wants her place.
Of the three failed marriages of Tom Cruise, the 33 th has been a strange problem.
Every mission: The Impossible star\'s wife was that age when he broke up with them.
Three cruise wives.
Mimi Rogers Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes
Born in 1956, 11 years apart, 1967 and 1978 years respectively.
The \"hexadecimal\" numbers for each divorce are also: 1990, 2001, and now 2012.
Tom\'s theory of science is related to the No. 33 North latitude.
A circle of latitude.
Top writer Dan Brown highlighted the number in his 2009 novel, The Lost Symbol, in which it led to the meaning of life.
This is also important in Christianity.
Jesus did 33 miracles and was 33 years old when he was crucified. ANTI-
Bashing \"free katie\" T-
Last night, the shirt company boasted that it had \"completed the task \".
Artist Shelia Cameron launched a massive campaign against religion shortly after the celebrity couple got married in 2006.
To boost her career, she launched a series of \"free Katie\" clothing online, including shirts, baseball caps, kitchen aprons, and even mugs and baby climbing suits.
But after announcing the break-up between the two, Sheila and her team quickly changed their slogan to \"finish the task \".
Sheila announced: \"Katie is finally free.
It will be interesting to see what happens next.
I\'m still supporting her.
\"She looks like a lovely, energetic person who gets the love-
Bombed by Hollywood machines.
Samantha Domingo said that if both sides continue to believe in Scientology, the divorce of the former Scientology is not controversial in the Scientology.
But if one leaves, it becomes very confusing. as I did.
My husband and I got the science school.
Style consultation before divorce
When you are asked, you take the electrode attached to the \"email\"
When the auditor explains its movements, the instrument with the dial \".
We were exhausted two weeks later.
When I left the Scientology, I talked about my terrible experience, including forced abortion. My ex-
The husband was then told to disconnect from me and contact our children only through a lawyer.
If Katie leaves the Science School and Tom stays in it too, things can become difficult.
I have no doubt that the church will do everything it can to control them. g. smart@the-sun. co.
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