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jeremy corbyn\'s dress sense - not his politics - bemuses italians

by:Teesso     2019-08-25
For many Italians, this is not what Jeremy Corbyn calls Marxism.
His commitment to unilateral nuclear disarmament, even Republican, brought to their attention.
In belpasse, south of the Alps, the real question mark hovering over the Labor leader is his sense of dress-or lack of a sense of dress.
Like Michael Foot, a 35-year-old predecessor, the Labor leader\'s lack of attention to fashion and even the traditional Westminster dress code has drawn some attention in the UK.
In Italy, it is very important to maintain Bella Figula, and there is a lot of confusion about the dirty numbers cut by members of northern Islington.
\"He still has a lot to learn,\" the Republican newspaper declared, citing his example of a failed fashion. “Pastel-
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Coordinated with his jacket and trousers, it was too big for his slim figure.
The striped polo shirt, blue shorts and socks are in the middle of his leg . . . . . . \"It shows 13 photos of what is considered Mr Corbyn\'s biggest style faux pas, including going out in shorts and black stockings.
His jacket and Panama hat were not impressed either.
It says Corbyn\'s assistant is currently organising a style change, which may be a hope.
But while Mr Corbyn may make a difference in style, the Italian political scholar points out that the experienced left is known for its diligence, honesty and courtesy-these three features are not obvious among many Italian MPs who are the highest paid in Europe.
Second right this week-
In a debate on constitutional reform, after a female senator made a gesture of obscenity and gender discrimination, Senator wing was suspended for five days.
One of them, Vincenzo D\'Anna, appeared in front of a TV camera in an expensive suit in October 7, looked plump, and announced that he was going to have an unlikely hunger strike, he was suspended in protest.
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