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jc penney focused on winning sales from teens

by:Teesso     2019-09-12
NEW YORK (Reuters)-J. C. Penney Co Inc (JCP. N)
New brands are being added and the appearance of its junior and young male sector is being updated
During the upcoming return, front-line department store operators are trying to win sales for teenagers --to-
School shopping season
Penney said on Monday that it will launch a new private brand called \"decree\" for girls and young women, and will launch two new brands at the same time, the American brand of young men\'s lives and the Whitetag brand are in the Department of young people.
\"Teenagers have always been the cornerstone of our business and they are becoming key influencers in today\'s home purchase decisions,\" said Ken Hicks, president and chief marketing officer, in a statement.
Given the growing importance of this segment, Penney is adding these brands to suit the diverse tastes of teenagers, he said.
The announcement comes the day before Penney plans to hold an annual meeting with Wall Street analysts and provide updates on its business, a situation that is weakening as the economy slows and shoppers cut spending.
Penney\'s sales in stores that have been open for at least one year, a key retail indicator known as the same
Store sales have fallen every month since November, when sales increased by 2. 6 percent.
It predicts that it will decline again in April. store sales. The back-to-
School shopping season may be a crucial season. S.
Retailers want to increase sales and attract shoppers with extra cash in their hands through tax refund checks.
The Decree brand will offer \"refined clothing, accessories and footwear\" with a focus on denim fabrics, Penney said.
The prices of these items range from $18 to $38, a pair of 5-
Pocket jeans for the coat cost $85.
Young American life is a brand developed by Polo Ralph Lauren specifically for Penney (RL. N)
Global brand concept Division
It will feature jeans, polo shirts and T-shirts.
The national brand Whitetag is described as a series of \"City Rock\" styles.
Penney also said it was adding new fixtures and graphic images to its youth and youth men\'s department.
It says, in its new, \"off
Stores in the mall \", or those built outside the mall, will have newly designed dressing rooms with flat-screen TVs and sitting areas.
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