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japanese horse wins world\'s richest stakes

by:Teesso     2019-08-24
On Saturday, Japan\'s vicpisa won the USDubai World Cup worth $10 million, won the world\'s richest horse racing champion, and provided some good news for countries dealing with disasters.
Victoire Pisa surpasses the wire with a half-length advantage of 1-1
The end of Japan.
It was Japan\'s first victory at the World Cup in Dubai.
Japan has entered three horses, and from the moment they arrived at the Maidan racecourse, they have become a powerful reminder of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent nuclear crisis.
Trainers from several horses, including Victoire Pisa, talked about the chaotic stables left by the tsunami.
Many Japanese teams are wearing black polo shirts with the word \"hope\" on their sleeves, next to the Japanese flag and double day
Behind the disaster.
The victory caused an emotional outpouring, and fans of Victoire Pisa collapsed as the national anthem was played.
Sumii Katsuhiko, the horse\'s trainer, said he hoped the victory would cheer the survivors up.
\"I know there are horses and people affected or lost their lives by the tsunami, and I know what I can do to return the victory, or to do well in this race, when supporters sip champagne, when watching the replay of the game, Sumi said.
\"This is how I feel strongly.
\"This victory will not change people\'s lives, but I hope that to some extent I will give back to the horse riding and horse racing communities in Japan.
\"The Dubai World Cup is the highlight of this World Cup.
A racing card featuring $26, 110 horse races. 25 million.
At the beginning of the matter, there is no good report on the final accounts of Victoire Pisa 1/4mile run. The four-year-
Riding by Italian jockey Mirco Demuro, the old Corte fell after hitting his head on the door.
On the contrary, beyond
The least known of Japan\'s trio
For the most part of the game, Irish Derby champions Blanco point and long-
Here comes Meng Tai.
At home, Victoire Pisa went a long way, beating Transcend and winning at 2: 05. 94.
Monte Rosso is ranked third.
\"I was just looking straight at the back and seeing another Japanese in front and then Buena Vista was close to me,\" Demuro said . \". \"We were lucky.
On the straight line at the back, the speed is slow, so I can start leading from the outside.
\"De Morro\'s success came mainly from Japan, which won both the Japanese Derby and the Japanese Cup.
He called it his biggest victory and hoped it would raise his profile.
\"I can explain to people that I am a good jockey.
\"I always try my best,\" he said . \".
\"But when you stay in Italy, it\'s not easy to travel around the world.
\"At 3, it was the most popular to surpass England twice.
1, followed by 7-
The Poet\'s Voice at 9: 00
Month, the third month of Victor Pisa-1.
Point Blanc, fourth, third
Time Eclipse Award winner Gio Ponti from the United States.
Another Japanese horse, the mare Buena Vista, finished eighth place.
Under the training of Henry Cecil, two finishes another disappointing match, and after the end of the 10 th, gets ninth place every year.
The poet\'s voice is final.
In the earlier game, the Godolphin stables owned by Dubai ruler Mohammed bin Rashid Al maqtum again showed why it was a force.
His three horses won and reading ran for $5
Millions of Shema classics.
The horse ride by Lanfranco Dettori passed Japanese rule and then beat Saudi Arabia at a speed of 250 above the stadium
It has 3 1/4 long mahogany.
The second win was $2-
Khawlah beat the millions of Emirates Derby by the Master of Hounds.
The third win was won by Skysurfers for $1.
Millions of miles.
In the other first group, Presvis won $5 from behind the backpack
Million duty free hotel in Dubai, hotel on the banks of the Jets\' River, and the lobby of wigermore.
The Rockets won a big win in the $2 game.
Millions of Dubai gold Shahin, a year after being defeated by Kinsale King in the same game.
Kinsale King quit the game before the game because his legs were swollen and he had a rash on his face and body.
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