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is this outfit too inappropriate for the gym?

by:Teesso     2019-11-18
Imagine that in this world, Lulu is banned from the gym. Travesty!
At Washington and Lee University, that seems to be the case, as a student wearing a Canadian-branded strap vest and leggings, she was fired from the fitness center for \"inappropriate\" clothing.
Danielle doesn\'t often go to her university\'s fitness center, but after a whole day of study, she needs a break.
Then, about a minute after her Oval meeting started, an employee interrupted her and asked her to leave because her shirt was \"cut too low\" in the back \".
\"While a female student did the dirty work of actually directing Danielle from the facility, she said in a Facebook post that some of her investigations showed that, the decision to kick her out came from a male fitness director.
\"That guy is thinking about it, isn\'t he?
\"He sent a girl to kick me out of the gym so I would feel more comfortable with the situation,\" Danielle wrote . \".
\"But, more importantly, he made sure that the four boys in the fitness center could enjoy their workout safely without tripping over the porn that I had shown in the form of a key hole above my head.
Her post on Facebook may feel confident, but behind her post
She admitted that she had to hold back her tears when she walked out of the gym.
On her way out, she also met a man known for revealing his vest.
\"I was wondering if he would get kicked out like I did,\" she told the sorority.
Danielle is not the only one to be fired in clothes at the Washington and Lee fitness centers.
On January, an article was published in the school\'s student newspaper, citing a group of female students who were asked to leave, calling it a \"troublesome trend \".
\"This problem is not limited to the University of Virginia.
A student at the Jesuit School Santa Clara University was asked to leave the school\'s gym because her shirt was about 1 inch higher than her shorts.
Outside the school system, a 17-year-
When a female employee told her that her dress was making other people uncomfortable, she was working out on an orange vest at the Planet Fitness Center.
Similarly, Tiffany Austin also worked out in the warm-up.
When a Planet Fitness manager asks her to put on her shirt, pink crop tops and matching pants because she \"terrorizes people with your toned body \".
In addition, a staff member at the local gym told a pregnant mother that her \"belly was hanging on a purple vest\" and that she violated the dress code at the gym.
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