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In design and beautification T-shirt order to pay attention to

by:Teesso     2020-04-28
To highlight corporate culture, show the features of enterprises, many enterprises according to their personality characteristics and the selection can be on behalf of the corporate image of the clothing for dressing, especially in the summer, the unique Beijing T-shirt order become people's first choice, so when the T-shirt order, shall be carried out according to the enterprise special color design and beautification, from the aesthetic perspective, we should pay attention to what? T-shirt order when should pay attention to what the first, in terms of design and beautification T-shirt order, highlighting the instrument of employees on the overall design. Through the unique color, reflect the style and spirit of employees, as well as the value orientation and pursuit. Second, on the colour choice are suitable for the characteristics of the career. According to the heavy industry, light industry, the characteristics of different industries in the service industry, electronic industry and so on enterprise to select the corresponding color. Third, when the T-shirt order, can be reflected by means of the different color is tie-in to enterprise's personality and style. The main method is contrast method and the harmonic method. The former such as to increase transparency, select black and white match; For the strong sense of color, choose red and white match, and so on. This kind of colour lively color, suitable for young people more enterprises; The latter is such as to make the clothes appears calm, quietly elegant, soft color, choosing colorless, dark and light dark match, and so on. In addition, the development of modern science and technology shows that through the computer resolution and can identify the 16 million kinds of colour, the colour of this diversity are small differences, but for the tens of thousands of enterprises choose T-shirt color create conditions and make it different. Fourth, the T-shirt order, must be good at choosing the material. Because beautiful dress with the fabric is bigger, when choosing fabric, not only pay attention to the aesthetic feeling, more should pay attention to quality, the coarse and fine, thick and thin, smooth and soft, light and flash texture on the clever combination of different methods such as contrast, increase the flavor selection of material, and through the color design, try to present a stereo feeling, the vitality of enterprises. Above is customized T-shirt when problems should be noticed in design and beautification, we must be careful when custom clothing, choose the professional shirt manufacturers, professional manufacturer can offer advice for we are not professional design and modification, the fabric is better, less color, more let people trust quality.
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