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i’m a no fuss guy: model kamaljeet

by:Teesso     2019-09-07
Kamaljeet\'s model talks about his style, his love for shoes and the way he likes to shop.
For me, the style has a personal unique style.
Comfortable, unique, pure me.
I\'m not the one to make a fuss!
On formal occasions, I prefer to wear Louis Phillips\'s slim-fit trousers with a plain cotton T-shirt in black formal shoes.
For more informal occasions, I wear rough jeans, mostly blue, with a single-color deep V-collar T-shirt.
I don\'t usually wear traditional clothes because there aren\'t many occasions except maybe in Deepavali, which is probably the only occasion I wear kurta and pyjama with funky mojris
I am not an accessory person, but I like to wear cool hair bands because I am having long hair.
In the summer, I like to wear my thunderclass pilot and my Titan watch.
During the evening\'s leisure activities, the shorts I wear are knee-length, with regular T-shirts and trendy shoes.
Superman T-shirts are essential in anyone\'s closet, and I have a lot of T-shirts with cartoon patterns on them.
I prefer a regular or quoted T-shirt and you will see that the colors I wear are gray and blue.
I have a fetish for shoes.
If things are comfortable and look good, then I don\'t think twice about it regardless of the price.
Most of my shopping was done from Zara, UCB and Spykar.
I did a good job with my hair.
I believe in Garnier fruit blindly.
Every weekend, I go to do an oil massage for my hair to eliminate the heat.
I\'m basically white or light in summer.
Color clothes and black are a big taboo. NO!
At home, it has shorts and T-shirts
The most comfortable shirt in summer.
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