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how to remove a silk screen logo

by:Teesso     2019-09-11
The silk screen is the process of transferring the paper design to an object with ink or paint, sometimes resulting in unsatisfactory results.
An artist may make chemical mistakes in the process, such as improper use of screen fillers or even physical errors, such as accidentally pushing the screen and applying the design.
This may cause the logo design to be broken and need to be deleted.
You may also want pre-purchase fromprinted item.
Bring a can of WD-
40 and apply a layer on the surface of the plastic product.
It is mainly concentrated in areas with printed logo. Let the WD-
40 sit on the item for a moment and wipe it clean with a clean cloth.
This should remove a large amount of silk screen ink.
Take a bottle of Goo and go and sprinkle it on the rest of the logo ink.
Let Goo sit on the plastic for a while.
Wipe off the sticky material with a clean cloth.
Repeat until the logo completely disappears.
Add the dishwashing soap to the wet sponge and wipe the surface of the plastic item to remove all chemicals.
Let the items dry.
Take the silk fabric you have screened and wash it in the washing machine.
Because hot water causes the ink to set, make sure the washing is cold.
Place items on a flat surface.
Take off any loose paint debris with your hand and throw it away.
Put the item in the dryer and run under the highest settings.
This will turn the remaining paint into liquid.
Peel off as many paintings as you can.
If there is a logo piece on the fabric, soak a cotton ball with a nail polish remover and apply it to the fabric.
Wash and dry the fabric again.
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