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how to protect your newborn from an overzealous sibling’s affection

by:Teesso     2019-09-20
After learning last year that I was pregnant with my second daughter, I did my best to prepare my two daughtersyear-
About our upcoming family members.
She talked to her sister.
Who did she give the nickname \"Kiki\"?
In my stomach.
We sorted out baby clothes and read some books about the plot of a new sibling coming.
She weighed on the carpet I picked for the nursery.
I bought her a \"big sister\" T-shirt.
The last months of my pregnancy were filled with happy expectations.
So Juniper was very excited when the baby was born in November.
A little too excited.
My husband Sean, duzon is so excited that I am afraid she will accidentally hurt our neonatal la.
Her hug was close to choking.
I turned around and left for a while, only to find Juniper pushing Cora almost from the bouncing chair, trying to appease her crying sister. Uh-oh.
What do I do?
The answer is: I have.
I use fast thinking and a lot of patience to take one day at a time.
A few months later, I am pleased to report that Cora is still alive and growling, while Juniper, now 3, is growing into a better big sis every day.
Here are some tips I use to make sure my preschool kids don\'t accidentally hurt my newborn.
For those wading, I wish you the best of luck and a day when you are not wet and lose your temper.
* Foot kiss: in the flu and cold season, there is nothing more like it than a novice.
When we got home from the hospital, Juniper coughed so badly that all she wanted to do was comfort her sister.
Just before we left, it was normal for a nurse to suggest that we kiss the baby\'s feet --
Not cheeks.
Prevent Cora from getting sick.
Even if the cough finally disappeared, we had Juniper do it for the first few weeks until she seemed to really realize the importance of tenderness --
And don\'t accidentally screw down Cora\'s head.
Bed Breakfast: Take the indulgence image of the breakfast tray out of your mind, which is some reason to fill my daughter in the morning.
In the first few weeks, care may take an hour
Experienced a long Test due to frequent hiccups, changing diapers and Cora learning how to care.
Some mornings, Cora wakes up to feed before Juniper gets up.
When I was feeding the baby, instead of having a big sister \"eager\" waiting for her morning food, I invited Juniper to pounce on the bed next to me.
When we read a book, she will wolf down and eat bread crumbs that won\'t soak my quilt
A mess: a nutrition stick, cereal in a cup, apple sauce in a bag, milk in a cup.
Some bathroom trips become a family affair: sometimes you have to go and can\'t always be quick.
The first month-
While Juniper is still learning the importance of gentleness, I have no confidence to leave her alone with the child --
I will put Cora on the vibration chair and bring her into the bathroom.
Other times I need to look at Juniper in the toilet.
Once or twice I sat on the bathroom floor to take care of Cora, just like Juniper doing business.
We were finishing potty training when the baby came and I needed to make sure everything was over where it was supposed to be. Lovely? No. Necessary? Quite.
Mr. Rogers: Before the late Fred Rogers became fashion, Juniper had been watching \"Mr. Rogers\'s neighbor\" on Amazon Prime for several months.
When we adapted to the feeding schedule for the newborn, Mr Rogers became reliable, 30
When I rushed to dinner at the table, it was a one-minute lifeline.
While I don\'t like Juniper watching a lot of TV, I know Rogers will teach her something fun, honest and real when I\'m in the kitchen clcl.
Seriously, how can you not admire someone who let former Pittsburgh Steeler Lynn Swan perform ballet?
• Make the nursing session Special: instead of making Juniper feel neglected in Cora\'s long first session
A month of feeding, I made it a close opportunity.
Sometimes Juniper sits at my feet and sw her own mother with her cabbage doll.
In other cases she would snuggle up beside me and we would do a marathon reading.
Another favorite ceremony
Recommended by friends with three children)
Including the cartons that took Juniper a week to decorate.
It\'s toys and mess.
Free activities (
Like tiles and water Wow! coloring pads)
Juniper only plays when I feed.
Not only does Juniper not hate care, but she becomes dizzy when she hears her sister cry hungry.
It\'s not the time to cook food: I love cooking.
I belong to CSA and used to be a freelancer in the food department of the Washington Post.
Still, I don\'t cook fine meals right now.
In the first few months, I chose to have a good time with Juniper, spend less time in the kitchen, and spend more time reading or making crafts.
When my husband got off work on the weekend, we used the extra staff to make a couple of big dinners hoping to leave leftovers for the next week.
Budget ready
It is also worth the food or take-out.
On weekdays, food that can be heated quickly when dinner happens gives us the freedom to adapt.
This way, I can have dinner with my family before or after the occasional unpredictable care needs.
Keeping this routine helps Juniper to remain normal.
This is not to say that I always buy: in the first two months of Cora\'s birth, a thoughtful friend arranged a dining car for me to use \"take them to dinner \".
There, friends registered an online schedule to bring dinner to my family twice a week.
Take care of yourself: It seems common sense is easily forgotten when you sleep
The deprived self is running around to keep your family running.
For me, the key is to have coffee as soon as possible, don\'t wander around in your pajamas, plan for your child in advance --
Free time with friends, grab any rare free time I can do, do something to remind me that I\'m still my thing (
Such as writing this article).
I would be a little grumpy if I didn\'t.
If I were a grumpy mom, Juniper would take the issue and start showing it. A grumpy 3-year-
Trust me, old is not the person you want to be near the baby.
Time: Cora approached two people
Mark Yue, I noticed a significant improvement in her sister\'s rough behavior.
Approach her. Why?
In addition to words and phrases such as \"gentle\", \"fragile\" and \"giving her space\", which have become daily spells, Juniper begins to understand the meaning of these concepts more fully as he grows older.
As she continues to learn the skills that her brother and sister bring, she also becomes a reliable assistant: pass wet wipes when changing diapers, or press the pacifier in the mouth of the picky sister.
Recently, when I was showering Cora, Juniper gently rubbed her sister\'s legs with a towel.
I smiled and appreciated how far she had gone.
Yes, it makes the process take longer, but I will cherish the moment.
I look forward to having more of these people in the coming days, months and years.
Chris coron is a freelance writer in Virginia.
Find her online at krisronadocom.
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