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How to prevent deformation fabrics polo shirt order

by:Teesso     2020-04-18
shirt order cotton fabric is easy to deformation, how to prevent distortion? In our daily life we often because customized t-shirts are oppressed by the deformation of the ball, when the POLO shirt really happen and how should we deal with? As a high-end custom-made Teesso unlined upper garment, with many years in the unlined upper garment customization deformation problems has made relevant experience. In all customized shirt fabric, cotton is the most easy to deformation, but through special processing, is also not deformation, deformation, so think otherwise try to choose high-end cotton unlined upper garment, but want to than it costs. In fact most customers choose the price preferential benefit, also with general cotton, unlined upper garment body is more comfortable, is breathable, absorb sweat, no harm to people, the most important thing is when cleaning, do not soak too long and don't wash the different color shirt together at the same time, at the same time to prevent deformation of the problem. When cleaning, do not use hot water to wash, because cotton knit performance is not good, and don't too dry when cleaning, be sure to dry in the shade, not in the sun insolates, at the same time also need to clean them with a professional detergent.
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