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how to choose the right cycling jersey

by:Teesso     2019-11-10
As part of the club, or as a regular vehicle, the cycling jersey is an essential part of the wardrobe of every cyclist.
The bike jersey is a lightweight outfit for the torso, designed to maximize the movement of the neck and arms while keeping the bike hand at a comfortable temperature.
Where should I buy my bike jersey?
Most local bike shops are the best place to buy bike jerseys. The store-
The staff are also likely to ride a bike and they can tell you the benefits of one jersey over the other.
Please keep in mind to pay attention to the abnormal size chart and make sure your order size is correct.
If you may have ordered the wrong size, the bike store will be happy to change the jersey to a smaller or larger size.
Always watching closely-
Their prices are often very low.
What should I look?
Some of the qualities of the bike jersey make it very unique in cycling.
If you start by bike, you will want to find a long time
Back jersey with elastic arms and waist. The long-
The back jersey is designed to prevent the jersey from pulling up your back and arms.
When you bend forward, it will reduce resistance in your bike position.
When choosing a jersey, lift it up and check it out.
The back of the Jersey should be 2 inch longer than the front.
There should also be 2 to 3 large pockets on the back of the jersey for storage of equipment and supplements.
All Bike jerseys should also have a front zipper (middle)
When the weather is hot, it can turn on the ventilation, and it can turn off to save the heat when the air is cold that day.
These jerseys should be soft and silky on your skin and colorful so the driver can see you clearly on the road.
Is there anything you need to pay attention?
Jersey producers riding bicycles often misunderstand the size chart.
The size of these jerseys is always different.
A men\'s bike jersey in extra size-
The big ones are usually not big enough to accommodate a 42-inch chest.
Women usually in size 36
Inch chest will be big or super-large.
The most common flaw in cycling jerseys is that it\'s too small to buy-so make sure your jersey is right.
Are there any accessories I should know?
Accessories for cycling jerseys include the following
Armor. this is a tank-top (
Sleeveless shirt)
Under your jersey. Under-
The armor is made of a fabric that absorbs moisture from the skin and is mainly used for cold riding conditions.
You can also use the top of the thin cotton tank (underwear vest)
Because it works well too, it\'s just a fraction of the cost.
Some cycling jerseys sew a thin nylon hood on the jersey and hide it behind the neck.
Does the price reflect the quality?
Bike jerseys are made of different types of nylon, polyester, Leica and other composites specific to each manufacturer.
The best thing about the brand
The name of the bike jersey is their hip design.
Be sure to look at the design of the hips to see if it fits your preferences.
With these mixed materials of different polyester and nylon, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between the fabric and the next fabric-only the price and label will tell you the difference between polyester and polyester. Any tips?
If you were the first
The time buyer of the bicycle jersey should know the fit of the bicycle jersey.
These jerseys are designed for comfort, with a silky fabric that goes with the bike jersey, which is displayed for every collision and body profile.
If you have something you don\'t want to promote to the world while riding, buy a jersey that is bigger than you.
Many cyclists don\'t like tight jerseys.
When you ride, it\'s always pleasant to have a breeze between you and the jersey.
As more and more people see cycling as a way to stay healthy and reduce transportation costs, we may see more cycling jerseys in town.
Hopefully, these suggestions will give you a better idea of what, where and how to buy your bike jersey.
Good luck, safe cycling.
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