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How to choose the dress shirt shirt order

by:Teesso     2020-04-08
Dress shirt is the sort of man, a lot of people there are at least five days a week need to wear this shirt, wearing the same work every day the traditional white collar button button shirt, that is too rigid, to continually update shirt reserves. Now, a senior company in the CBD generally custom shirts for employees, it should be how to choose? 1. Colour: medium and tonal. And massiness brunet attune of color is more popular color, white and light blue is a classic color. 2. Style: don't ever think a white shirt collar button button can only be the closet, slightly scalability cloth shirt is made of the most popular now. 3. Neckline style: 'collar button button or hidden-interlocking shirt is one of the traditional style, pointed collar is currently the most fashionable style, British big lapel is expected to popular style. 4. Buttons, shell buttons on the quality of a material is better than pigment button at any time, it looks more beautiful. More luster more durable, some shirt may be in the form of dark buckle. Regardless of any form, should be the new QQ well, roll up margination of the collar is not tasteful anyway. 5. Material: twill is eternal fashion, the best choice for long-term investment. Other sophisticated material include: wide thin wool, worsted cloth and poplin.
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