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how \'pirates of the caribbean\' gave us \'atlantis: the lost empire\'

by:Teesso     2019-09-09
This month marks 18-
The anniversary of Atlanta: Lost Empire
The Princess and the Frog are until this year.
Killed 2D animation at Disney
It also marks the beginning of the company\'s iconic \"renaissance\" period, which will officially end a year later
Doomed Treasure Planet
Although the comments are not cold or hotthan-
Atlanta (Star Box Office)
Directed by Gary Troud of the University of Notre Dame and Kirk Wise\'s Hunchback)
Dare to tell stories that are not based on existing fairy tales or novels;
The whole premise is based on a fully original story conceived by a committee of people including Joss Whedon.
\"It\'s influenced by the collective love of Disney\'s adventure movies, aged 50 and 60,\" screenwriter Tab Murphy (
Also a writer of humpback and Mount Tai)
Told me in a lengthy telephone interview. \"We [wanted to]
Do things like adventure movies back to Disney time.
In fact, they have
The shirt was something I liked when I made it.
Like, \'Atlanta: there are fewer songs and more explosions.
Great, it\'s really the mantra we \'ve been holding on to in this movie.
\"The whole thing happened after the success of the Hunchback, who made his debut in the summer of 1996 as a gangster blockbuster.
Murphy was hired to write Mount Tai. 1999)
But after several treatments and one or two drafting of the project, he \"jumped off the ship\" to do something completely different with the Notre crew, which also did beauty and beast, prove your ability.
\"I remember when the Hunchback was over, the directors Kirk, Gary and [producer]
Hahn and I
Everyone wants to be a team with a camel back [back]
Murphy continued.
\"They want to go ahead and do another project because you created this family and you trust all the artists and they don\'t want everyone to go and join another project, lose the creative team that they have already made two films.
Murphy, Trousdale, Wise and Hahn paint the vast landscape of Atlanta in a game of nacho and margar Tower --
Enjoy a hearty lunch at a restaurant in Burbank, where Disney\'s main animation studio is located.
To make a Boy\'s Own adventure not based on any existing intellectual property, this creative think tank came up with the original idea before Murphy was sent to his happy place to write down the first treatment.
Having said that, one of their earliest suggestions during the brainstorming process was to adapt the Pirates Of The Caribbean cruise ship to animated movies, but the concept was different from that of Hercules, with no distance to go.
You can probably guess why.
\"No, you can\'t do that . \"’ Well, no we [couldn\'t]
Because we don\'t know if they are. developing]
Live movies-
\"On the action side, with Johnny Depp, it will be Pirates of the Caribbean,\" Murphy said . \". Set in 1914 (
World War I began in Europe)
, Atlantic follows Milo Tatch (
Michael J.
One of his best foxes
The right character since Marty McFly)
With the help of an eccentric donor, a New scholar began an epic adventure looking for the lost city of Atlanta.
When the expedition discovered the city and was unexpectedly full of life, Milo realized that he had been helping and inciting a group of greedy mercenaries.
In particular, this time is a way for filmmakers to embrace Verne --
Inspiration and Steampunkish concepts.
\"We walked out of lunch in a collective direction;
We like the ideas of explorers;
We like the idea of explorers entering the Earth. . .
\"I think we quoted several Earth center trips at that meeting,\" Murphy added . \".
\"They feel that if they set up in 1914, they can really do a lot of cool things visually.
The industrial revolution is in full swing and all these cool installations and crazy things are happening.
They thought it was a while, but they thought, \"there are other . . . . . . ? WE DON’T KNOW!
\"When Murphy went to write about the first treatment, figuring out the specific details of the story fell on his shoulder, which, in his own words, was\" a complete error \".
\"In fact, his original vision was slightly similar to James Wan\'s life --
It is clear that action will not take place until 20 years later.
\"I took a route, \'well, they went down in the submarine and found Atlanta, and they had a big adventure, but I made it into an undersea film, I think I even called it Atlantic pirates.
\"I saw the scene of the Atlanta natives riding the great white shark, and the battle between the big fish and our people on the bottom of the sea,\" he said . \".
Under his belt.
\"Sometimes you have to clear the thoughts that are rooted in your brain and you have to get those ideas
From your system \")
Tab went back to the drawing board and began to explore the myth of the film, coming up with an idea to stumble across Atlanta and tell the story alive.
The man then went on to write the Shepherd\'s diary, which helped Milo and his expedition find the lost culture, which relied on a special crystal as a source of motivation.
Murphy used the post-90 s Internet to find inspiration and found himself falling into a metaphorical rabbit hole in the conspiracy theory website, which led to an explanation of the opponent Luke\'s motivation (James Garner)
\"I just started talking about myths and then I started thinking about who is Milo Thatch?
Okay, then all of a sudden [it hit me],\" he said.
\"Sometimes your mind and your mind are floating all these different ideas and just need a key to pull them in like a magnet. Just a WHAM!
That\'s what happened. The movie hit my brain at a certain moment.
I sat down and wrote like this crazy 20-
Page Processing and turning it into these people five days after the crash, they are like \"Holy SH-! THIS IS GREAT! ’ . . .
As far as \"Atlanta\" is concerned, I am most proud that most of the film comes from that creative inspiration, that clear moment.
\"At the final pitch, Peter Schneider, Disney\'s then Feature Animation president, walked into the room, allegedly saying,\" This is the best F-
What I have read. . .
I don\'t remember when! \"\"He threw [the treatment]
\"At the table, we were all relieved because we knew they were going to make movies,\" Murphy said . \".
When the production went well, Tab had already started working on other projects, but he went to the animation office and was shocked by the concept in his script, especially the large submarine that started to take risks.
\"They like to decorate their production offices with movie themes.
It looks like walking into a museum of explorer stuff and all sorts of cool stuff, on the center table, it\'s almost four or five
\"I have never seen a complex model of a submarine,\" the screenwriter continued . \".
\"I didn\'t see what its vision was, and even thought I described it in the script as having these children
Prominent pods.
I\'m proud to have come up with the word \"sub -\"pod.
I looked at that thing and I thought, \'Oh, my God, this is the coolest thing I \'ve ever seen. I want that!
I think if this movie is half cooler than that submarine, then we are in good shape.
It will be interesting, I think.
It\'s always a great feeling to see any idea you imagine, you translate to the page and inspire other people\'s creativity in crazy and crazy ways, you can\'t even imagine.
As a writer, this is the pleasure of working on animation.
\"In the summer of 2001, lost Empire blew at the box office for $186 after it was released at the theater.
$1 million, estimated at $90
The budget is $0. 12 billion.
While Rotten tomatoes don\'t exist yet, the 49% on the site gives you the feeling of a critic about it.
Based on these two factors, Disney reportedly canceled plans to ride at Disneyland and canceled the animated derivative series.
Instead, direct-to-
The video sequel \"Atlanta: The Return of Milo\" was quietly launched in 2003.
The photo was taken three months before the 9/11 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in Manhattan, but the Times still quoted Bob Dylan as saying, \"-changin\'.
\"Will the 21 st century affect the failure of the film?
\"I think this is largely related to the fact that people are used to some kind of template when they go to Disney movies at a specific time of 2001;
These movies will be very interesting, there will be songs, there will be romance;
\"There may be a fairy tale side,\" Murphy explained . \".
\"You have to remember that 2001 is a strange moment in the world.
It\'s not 1999, \"said Murphy. \"It was 2001 [and]
After 9/11, there have been some changes in the awareness of the country, and I\'m not saying that\'s why the film is not performing well, but I was wondering if the film was released in 1999, not in 2001, if the reaction is different. I don’t know.
It\'s all speculation.
\"In recent years, however, public perception of the film has begun to shift in a positive direction towards millennials (
Like me, he watched the movie for the first time when he was a child.
Considering this is one of them.
Favorite movie.
Hey, you can\'t go wrong with the voice of Michael J.
Fox, James Garner, Leonard Nimoy, cresummer, Claudia Christian, Florence Stanley, Don Novero, Phil Morris, Jim Wani,
Milo\'s companions, from the Earthcrazy Mole (Burton)
To demolition expert Vinny (Novello)
There is a lot of humor, charm and soul.
In other words, they really feel alive.
\"Over time, I think the film is getting more and more appreciated,\" Murphy continued . \".
\"Whether it\'s an astronaut or someone else, I\'ll have a lot of people come to me when they find out I\'m writing and say, \'Oh, f-
I love Atlanta.
I like Atlanta.
Many people are re-evaluating it.
Over time, this may be a film that continues to be re-evaluated, perhaps more popular than it was when it was released in 2001.
\"Until today, this picture is still one of the most prominent exceptions of the entire Disney animated canon, but it\'s not necessarily a bad thing.
In fact, I re-read it myself in order to prepare for this article, and it is completely stand up.
Design, time period, and surprisingly mature elements (guns! cigarettes! femme fatales! )
Strive to realize the perfect dream of the boy Indiana Jones
Next to the adventure Moffett Rolls-Royce Dale, Kirk, wanted in the environment.
Still, while Murphy is incredibly proud of the film, something will change.
\"I think for many traditional Disney movie audiences, Atlanta is coming out of the left wing,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s weird because although it\'s not doing well, it\'s not doing well in 2001 for whatever reason, and I think some design options, even for me, are a bit off-putting. Not off-
Whether it\'s a Square finger or something on the design, it\'s a bit of an accident for me. . . [The movie had]
Cool stuff for boys, I think an important part of Disney\'s success is making movies that appeal to girls, and I don\'t know how many girls Atlanta attracted in the end. Kida [
Princess Atlanta dubbed by Kerry summer]
It\'s a different type of Disney Princess and it\'s not her story either, so when we make the movie based on who we think the audience is, the girls are all on the periphery.
\"After Disney\'s trend to turn its animated classics into live broadcasts --
Action features (
Camel Back)
I asked Murphy what he thought about the possible reimagining of Atlanta.
With the great critical and box office success of Wan\'s Aquaman, time may be the best time for the rat home to venture back into the lost empire in the fourth dimension.
\"I would say this is fantastic because there is no potential intellectual property right in Atlanta, so this was made up by Kirk, Gary, Don and I --
\"At least the original idea,\" Tab said . \".
\"It would be cool to see Atlanta implemented as a live broadcast --action movie.
What I think might stop them is that it will be an expensive movie. . .
I don\'t know how Atlanta lived.
Action movies will cost them.
I\'m not sure that, in their view, it may be too costly.
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