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How much do you know washing skills?

by:Teesso     2020-04-24
A few days ago have a customer ask me, I very like Teesso T-shirt customization design, but do not know how should maintain T-shirt customization of new style. Because there are a lot of new t-shirts custom, therefore, the maintenance method is different also, as detailed below to share the T-shirt maintenance related knowledge! First, how to properly dry T-shirt: 1, the T-shirt is best not to exposure in the sun, shall be in a cool, ventilated place dry to work partly, put them weaker the sun to dry, to maintain the color of the clothes and wear life. 2, air is basked in t-shirts to pay more attention to the wind. Urban air pollution in recent years, due to the serious, especially near the factories downwind, often have a lot of dust in the air, if neglect this phenomenon, it is easy to make clothes stained with dust, influence dress effect. 3, air is basked in t-shirts not clothes when the screw too dry, and should bring water to dry, with the hand of the garment, the place such as collar, sleeve trim, this dry clothes will stick to level off, can't afford to ruffle. Now what are you know t-shirts custom washing skills, the hope can help you
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