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homemade water-based drawing fluid for silk screen printing

by:Teesso     2019-09-11
Painting liquid is a commercial product used by artists when creating silk screens.
The screen works like a template, allowing the ink to go through a design and preventing it from going through other places.
Painting liquid plays a role in blocking ink.
Artists use brushes to paint it on their designed silk or nylon screen.
It is possible to make a homemade drawing liquid with white glue, acrylic or any other sticky liquid that has hardened over time.
Commercial drawing fluids are available from select craft shops selling screen printing supplies.
This is a blue or green liquid that artists draw on the screen with standard brushes.
A skilled artist can get a lot of detail using the painting fluid, but the results are not as accurate as using the lotion.
White process glue is one of the most commonly used alternatives to extract liquid.
It works the same way.
The artist uses a brush to draw it on the screen and allows it to dry before printing with the screen.
However, due to the coloring of the process glue, it is better to add a dye or a little paint to easily distinguish the area that has been painted.
Acrylic paint is soluble in water, bright in color and becomes plastic-
Like a veneer on silk.
Acrylic paint works well because there are plenty of colors to choose from, which makes it easier for the artist to say where he drew the screen.
It may take several coats to paint the screen with acrylic to fully block it, especially when it is diluted with water.
Melted wax can also be used as anti-wax.
Although not often used for screen printing, it has a long history of use in batik design.
In batik, wax separates the areas painted with color on the textile before melting.
The downside to using wax is that it requires heat and it is difficult to get significant details.
However, it is in style, artificial
Batik screen printing.
Another way to make a screen is to use a photosensitive emulsion.
The artist uses it to coat the silk screen and place the design on it.
The emulsion is then exposed to light.
When washing, the emulsion that blocks light by design is removed.
The emulsion can achieve precise details, but it is much more tricky to use than to plot the fluid, and requires more time and trial and error.
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