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holiday shopping fete will include raffle to benefit sandy relief efforts

by:Teesso     2019-08-15
The holiday shopping feast will be held on Saturday, December.
1. From noon to 5: 00m.
And will include a lottery to raise money for Hurricane Sandy\'s recovery efforts.
The event will take place at Elaine andrucci interior design, which is located at approximately 1840 of the storefront in the historic town of Oldwick.
Throughout the past 12 years, Andreucci has been practicing there and offers a comprehensive interior design service that includes collaboration and coordination with architects, floor plans, and kitchen and bathroom designs.
On behalf of fabric and furniture companies from all over the world, she is known for her color sense and window handling.
She also offered a free initial consultation.
This shop offers gifts for families, changing selection of antiques, and original art.
Many artists are local, but there are also works from international artists.
In addition to picking other products, Andreucci also selected some home decoration gifts at the event.
Elaine\'s daughter, Ariana vantino, will also become a designer at the holiday shopping mall.
Vastino\'s luxury equestrian costume collection Le Fash will buy their latest lady shirt collection at the event.
Known as the \"holy grail of equestrian fashion\", Le Fash is the first ever cross-dressing brand suitable for equestrian athletes and people who like to imitate equestrian styles.
All her products are made in the United States. S. A.
From the best natural fibers such as Egyptian cotton and bamboo.
Premium fashion decor like Italian gold buttons and extra fine top stitching is the favorite detail to make Le Fash a show ring in Palm Beach or Park Avenue.
Vastino also recently launched the Le Fash luxury polo shirt collection for men and women, and will offer a variety of styles for the event.
Gina Johnson design will also take part in a holiday shopping feast, which offers hand-made jewelry with equestrian feel.
Each piece was designed by Johnson himself.
While studying jewellery design and equestrian passion at Taylor College of Art, she wants to find a career that links two passions together.
She has many years of experience in the art process and is able to make every piece of sterling silver or 14k gold Pearl to show off the customer\'s horse hair.
The holiday shopping feast is open to the public. Designers encourage everyone to enjoy a relaxed and happy holiday shopping experience with friends.
Sparkling wine, water and wine will be served here, and every designer will be here to help customers find the perfect gift.
Each designer will contribute one of their items to the raffle event for the benefit of the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy disaster relief fund.
Andronch, Valino and Johnson from Sandy-affected areas all want to give back to the local community and help those who are not very lucky after the storm.
Elaine Andreucci interior design is located at 44 Main Street. in Oldwick.
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