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his: white is out and raging fashion is coming in

by:Teesso     2019-11-13
1976 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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All of a sudden, you can blush in the men\'s underwear department, the world of the past or White has developed into a world of color, silk and satins, bikinis, through the net, vests and strings.
\"At the end of the day, a lot of chickens have become peacocks in the last few years,\" said Jill Cohen, president of sportswear and underwear firm Boulet International.
\"Many people are no longer afraid of change.
It took a while, but they were wearing bright open collar shirts, different fabrics, jewelry and some European suits.
\"It says what they want to say to themselves.
Mr. Gimbels of Philadelphia sold more than 150 of his nylon rope bikini shorts to men. Cohen notes.
\"They are looking for excitement.
They don\'t think wearing such clothes is an offense to their masculine temperament.
Boulet offers 70 solid colors and nearly 500 patterns in the underwear collection.
The small manufacturer introduces five new styles every year, five more than the styles seen in the industry from 1934 to 1976.
Advertising Lawrence C.
Levy often writes business topics for The Times.
In 1971, 3% of the $0. 3 billion wholesale men\'s underwear deals were low-key Tan and light blue, with sober prints and stripes on loose boxer shorts.
Total wholesale last year reached $0. 43 billion
Five years of growth of 40%, the industry has grown by less than 2% annually since World War II.
Nearly $75 million comes from new styles, colors and materials that didn\'t exist five years ago --
The industry called Men\'s \"fashion\" underwear.
Even conservatives in the inner clothing industry recognize the revolution.
Advertising \"with everything new going on, men just get tired of pure white, just like people get tired of white sheets and pillowcases.
I don\'t know why.
I\'m not sure if anyone knows.
Men seem to want fashion and color more than ever, \"said William Carey, a buyer of J. William underwear. C.
Penney, the country\'s largest seller of men\'s underwear.
Penney did not have a fashion style five years ago, and now it accounts for 5% of its business.
\"But we are pushing,\" he said . \"
Profit is certainly one of the reasons for driving the new style.
A simple three-piece fruit package for loom shorts, retail for $3. 39 today.
The price of a men\'s fancy trousers is $1. 99.
Some shorts, which can be twice as much as a swimsuit, retail for $6.
50, other sets are up to $9 in 3 pairs of stylish underpants. 50. B. V. D. Knitwear Inc.
Subsidiaries of Rapid-american Inc.
20% of its business is to do fashion underwear, but there is no doubt that it is on the rise.
Young people have a high level of acceptance and as they grow, they will become a growing part of the public buying underwear, \"said Arthur Lovell, vice president.
Long Island mother said: \"When I saw what my 15 year old son bought, I almost fainted, blue, nylon, thin, bikini.
It really doesn\'t look like old jockey shorts to me.
But this is what they\'re wearing.
A $40,000 travel man from New Jersey buys black nylon shorts from Sears department store every year, and he says there is a practical reason.
\"You spend every night at different hotels and your trip will be easy.
Go out and wash a cotton shorts;
They have to work for two days.
Rinse these things in the evening and dry them in the morning.
\"The beauty of the underwear depends on the manufacturer and his market.
For example, the two ends of the underwear world are the fruit of the Loom and Jockey Club International Co. , Ltd.
Four years ago, the fruit of America\'s best-selling brand, the loom, was completely white.
Fashion underwear today.
Its 7% business is basically a colorful version of white underpants and boxing shorts without even fabric changes.
Advertising \"the fruit of a loom customer is Volkswagen,\" said Arnold Ribet, executive vice president of sales and marketing at United underwear.
This has made the brand\'s efforts to brighten the underwear fail.
Exclusive authorization.
Both companies are subsidiaries of Northwest Industrial Corporation.
\"We are still an edge customer for us.
We are not pursuing the image of fashion. ”But, Mr.
Ribet added that the fruit of the Loom will still extend its fashion lingerie range and is testing the number of marketing for fashion products and promotions, including more robes and bottoms, as well as the top and
\"Men don\'t change their whole wardrobe, but they are looking for something different and a matching set of blue underwear is different and a big change for most men,\" he said . \"Ribet.
About six months ago, the sale of fashion underwear \"floated together, and then suddenly it seemed to have just taken off.
We really don\'t know why.
We don\'t do anything different.
Men are just starting to buy colored underwear, \"said Jim Johnston, vice president of fruit marketing at the loom.
As early as 1934, Jockey launched this knitted underwear called \"Jockey brief. The company says it controls 45% of the men\'s fashion underwear market.
\"It took off like a big bird,\" said a jockey . \".
The company said the ads had been controversial but it sold underwear.
The latest event shows eight famous professional athletes wearing different Jockey underwear with the slogan \"take their uniforms and who they are \". . Jockey.
The company said it received hundreds of letters, most of them from women, calling the ads \"sexy\" and \"refreshing \".
\"Underwear sellers tried the color adjustment method in the 1960s, but it did not change at that time.
\"They sell very well in about two or three seasons, but it\'s just out of curiosity,\" he said . \"Lovell of B. V. D.
In 1958 Games, the jockey sold a bikini-style briefing but did not succeed in the mass market.
Advertising underwear men usually expect pure white underwear and shorts to always exceed those that are more expensive. But, says Mr.
Lovell, \"like someone who grew up with the briefing (
Underwear is now sold twice as expensive as boxing shorts)
Young people who start or come to fashion will stick to it.
\"A version of this file was printed on page 117 of the New York edition on September 12, 1976, with the title: his: White is out of date, and angry fashion is coming.
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