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heaven in hawaii: how to get the best out of the pacific\'s paradise islands

by:Teesso     2019-09-06
It\'s not just a tour, it\'s an adventure in heaven.
The pilot, Issac, said, as our five
The seat helicopter soars the sky, briefly hovering above the original spectacular landscape of Kauai Island, then dipped into the steep walls of the Forest Canyon and landed next to a spectacular high waterfall.
We arrived at the sacred ground, the place where the famous helicopter landed in the original Jurassic Park of Stephen spirberg.
Flashed from under the rotating blade, I felt the presence of mad scientist John Hammond (
Richard Attenborough)
Break through the lush bushes with his team of ancient biologists and follow the trails of the triangle dragon or velociraptor group.
Kauai was formed more than 6 million years ago. it is the oldest and northernmost island of Hawaii\'s main islands and the preferred Island for travel to the Pacific volcanic islands. a five-
Take off from mainland America for an hour.
After years of petition, the island helicopter (
Helicopter on the islandcom)
Become the only helicopter company allowed to land at Jurassic Falls
Or Manawaiopuna down.
On privately owned land.
Landing is restricted and passengers must wear plastic shoes
Protect and swear not to touch anything to protect the environment
All of this enhances how we feel somewhere special.
We feel very honored.
Most of the interiors of Kauai Island by helicopter are not cheap, but this time (from $275/€223)
In the extra-
Land canyons, valleys, and cliffs including the wimea Canyon
Commonly known as \"Pacific Grand Canyon \"-
Every penny is worth it.
We all agree that this is really an experience of a lifetime as Issac completely remakes the soundtrack familiar to Jurassic Park.
We flew over the huge ancient lava divide in Waimea.
10 miles long, over 3,500 feet deep
Along the famous Na Pali coastline, the whales were discovered, before the huge roller thundered to the shore.
Issac said: \"Welcome to the wettest place on Earth --
Mount Wailea.
He told us that it was translated into \"overflowing water\" with more than 452 inch rainfall a year.
Kauai has starred in numerous movies and TV series starring George Clooney.
This storyline is closely related to the historical events of Hawaii, most of the terrain of Hawaii has been privately owned since the sugar plantation tycoon era.
We are all familiar with the pictures. from blood-
Red and hissing orange sunsets to terrible waves, rustling palm trees, smooth white beaches, cobalt blue ocean, Mai-
Tai cocktails and Elvis Presley are playing his ukulele, singing a serenade for a rocking dancer with the same length of hair as a hula dress . . . . . . But reality is surprisingly similar.
Back on the ground, we used \"aloha \"(
Love, Honor, Peace)
In the form of an exotic delightful \"Thunder\", a beautifully handmade fresh tropical floral wreath hanging around our neck, not once, but jumping on our island
As you would expect, Honolulu is committed to towering apartments (
Like the town by Waikiki Beach)
Familiar US chain restaurants and large retail opportunities attract perennial, day and night visitors from all over the United States.
Most holidaymakers gather at the resort of Waikiki.
Waikiki is also home to Hilton Hawaii village-
Once the favorite residence of Elvis Presley, he made the movie Blue Hawaii here in 1961.
It is said that in recent years, large beaches have become upscale and remain the true home for surfing, eternal life by Olympic swimming champion and King of surfing Duke Kahanamoku. A surf crash-
Of course it\'s a must. try-
Once experienced and legendary Pearl Harbor, less than an hour\'s drive from downtown Honolulu, is No. to-be-
Missing the Oahu landmark, more than 350 Japanese planes launched a raid on the unsuspecting US Pacific Fleet in December 7, 1941, dragging the United States into World War II.
They say there are many legends in Kualoa.
One of the historic sites of the northern coast of Oahu.
Here, we met more Jurassic Park souvenirs in a beautiful nature reserve.
Our mini bus stopped and we were all posing next to that fallen tree and the children in the movie watched the tree with horror
Rex made a meal with his opponent.
Watch the awesome Na Pali coast of Kauai from the air, and the next best thing to do is take a catamaran cruise on the island and enjoy the sea hole, Hawaii\'s famous Water Wonders and Crescent Beach-
From the pods of dolphins to humpback whales (
I caught the tail of a man who had rummaged over the wall)
Snorkel with green turtles.
Every winter, thousands of humpback whales migrate to warm waters near Hawaii, where they mate, produce whales and pile up whale fat to prepare for their return to Alaska.
It takes at least a month to visit six different islands in Hawaii.
We run two, Kauai and Oahu and have little time to get rid of 7,000 miles and 11-
It\'s time to leave paradise before the spell is broken.
Easy going and casual.
Hawaii is a Hawaiian shirt, a sarong, and \"Luba slippers \"(flip flops)-
No one is dressed here, and there are informal costumes everywhere, including smart restaurants.
For active excursions, it is recommended to wear strong shoes with water
Friendly shoes for reef swimming and surfing.
Bakery and Restaurant Liliha ()
It is a comfortable Honolulu institution known for its delicious choux pastry puffs and sumptuous Hawaiian staples like Loco moco (
Burger Pie with rice, fried eggs and gravy).
In addition, try the \"gourmet\" spam launched by US troops during World War II in many restaurants!
Sit in the air and feel like you and Coya \"my off-road adventure\" join in the audition of Cirque du Soleil ()
Take advantage of it, then glide and soar on the lush rainforest canopy of Kauai\'s most remote edge.
This is the ultimate thrill on these heavenly islands.
Hike to the Diamond Head National Monument and enjoy beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu.
Old timer bus (
Line 23 and line 24 from the city center)
Take you to the starting point, the trail to the edge of 300,000-year-
Old crater.
It takes about 1. 5-2 hours. See . Aer Lingus ()
Direct flights from Dublin to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle direct to Honolulu.
United Airlines)
Fly daily from Dublin to Honolulu via Newark.
For more information, see.
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort)offers seven-
Night accommodation starting at 1,462 euros (double)On Kauai.
Ocean of luxury
Overlooking the beautiful bay, former Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa has white sand beaches and beautiful trails ()from €2,559 (two sharing).
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