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he wanted to be a priest. he says archbishop mccarrick used that to abuse him.

by:Teesso     2019-08-16
By the summer of 1986,year-
Old Michael Redding has heard stories about Newark Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and his beach house in Highgate, New York. J.
So when he was invited to a barbecue and spent the night at the beach villa with McCarrick and some of his classmates from Seton Hall\'s Perfect Conception Seminary, he began to develop strategies.
He will accept the invitation.
He have no money can\'t buy
But he will be smart.
Reading told me about his experience last week after we were contacted by another former Seminary priest from perfect conception
Desmond Rossi said McCarrick did not touch him properly either.
McCarrick has been charged with sexual abuse and harassment by several former seminary students, two of whom have been reconciled from the church, and others, including reading, have told their story publicly for the first time.
Rossi, like reading, recalls the fear and escape culture around McCarrick, forcing the seminary and young priests to choose between work and safety.
McCarrick did not comment on the charges against the Seminary;
The representative of McCarrick declined to comment on the article.
This is a calculation that no one should do.
Pope Francis has recently aroused strong protests despite long-standing allegations.
Long-standing complaints about former Cardinal McCarrick seem to be fading, perhaps because the majority of McCarrick\'s allegations of alleged sexual misconduct involve adults, not children.
But the charges of the seminary against McCarrick need clear and sustained attention: any Christian familiar with the tortured body of Christ on the cross should know that adults will suffer as well.
At about the same time, reading is working on a day-long escape plan with the Archbishop\'s pastor
Boniface Ramsey began his first year at the Academy of perfect ideas.
The 41-year-old said he was immediately alert to the familiar McCarrick.
Ramsey told me that it was normal for McCarrick to \"visit the seminary a lot.
There are many people in the seminary, and he is proud of it.
But McCarrick\'s behavior made Ramsey uneasy.
\"Even if he doesn\'t know you well, he will use a nickname,\" Ramsey said.
He called me Bonny.
This is almost an unconscious force. . . .
I feel very condescending.
But know McCarrick.
Or at least he knows-
In the perfect conception, it is crucial that the archbishop can choose who is appointed, who is not, and how their career will develop.
This is not conducive to reading. Reading is naturally shy.
In the first three years of Seton Hall College Seminary, Reading lived in the nearby home of Elizabeth. J.
With his mother.
However, in the fall of 1981, the principal of the primary seminary almost asked him to move to the Holy.
The fourth and final year of Andrew\'s University.
\"We really don\'t know who you are,\" reads recalls . \".
The experience of reading makes reading special.
Seton Hall\'s Senior Seminary realized that he seemed remote or withdrawn as he continued to pursue perfect conception.
So when McCarrick first spoke to his small class
According to reading, as a pastor in May 1986, warning that \"I will not appoint anyone I am not familiar \"--
He kept it in his heart.
That summer, the Archbishop\'s invitation was sent by telephone from the archbishop\'s office.
Reading agreed but was determined not to go through the night.
He came up with an excuse to leave early.
Some obligations after returning home
Only his swimsuit, towels and personal belongings arrived. beach shower.
Reading went out on McCarrick\'s get and took some risk. together early.
McCarrick approached Ramsey, \"with a mixture of exclusion and pride,\" and Ramsey quickly reasoned out through conversations with students.
As far as Ramsey can be sure, no one is willing to risk being manipulated into close contact with McCarrick.
He explained: \"But there are professional reasons, and the people of the seminary are always evaluated.
They all know this: you do it if the Archbishop asks you.
After the barbecue, McCarrick and his guests decided to go to the beach, Reading said.
The Archbishop began to guide the guests where to change into swimsuits and guide them into the bathroom and bedroom.
Reading said McCarrick took him to the master bedroom he thought was the house and followed him in and closed the door behind them.
Reading told me: \"I knew he was in the room, but he didn\'t say anything.
He\'s standing there.
\"Reading remembers him putting his bags on the sofa under the window, slowly retrieving his bathing suits and towels, and deliberately hesitating to spread them out.
\"I thought he would leave,\" Reading said . \".
\"I always thought he would leave.
Reading realized that McCarrick would not leave.
\"I don\'t know what to do,\" read admits . \".
\"I just want
There\'s nothing I can do.
Without saying a word, Reading turned back to the Archbishop and changed into a swimsuit.
He said, then McCarrick came back downstairs with him.
He recalled that McCarrick told the seminary people to go to the shore and said he would catch up with them later.
On the way to the beach, reading was quietly stunned.
The weather is cool and cloudy, not suitable for swimming.
Reading lay on his beach towel facing him, hoping to catch some rays.
Eventually, McCarrick appeared in shorts and polo shirts, Reading said.
When the young man began to joke that he was going to swim, he sat near Reading and teased the archbishop that he should go swimming.
Reading recalled that McCarrick laughed with them.
\"Then he slipped his hand down the back of my swimsuit and said, \'You did it.
Reading told me that McCarrick\'s hand was placed there, on the bare skin of his hip, and under the fabric of his swimsuit.
\"I\'m dumbfounded. I was frozen.
\"I don\'t know what to do or what to say,\" Reading told me . \".
Then, it sounds like it failed: \"I let it go.
He did not report the incident at that time;
Until recently, the details of McCarrick\'s alleged sexual misconduct began to make headlines, and he did not mention this to close relatives.
McCarrick appointed reading in November. 22, 1986.
By October 1993, reading, 33, was no longer a priest.
He received a master\'s degree in counseling from the University of Memphis and began to work in psychological counselinghealth care.
He said he did not want to resign.
It\'s just his experience with McCarrick that makes him feel heavy and adds to the sting of every example he feels neglected, abandoned or devalued by his church superiors.
\"I feel like the pastor position has been taken away,\" Redding insists. \"Now, when the current parish resident finds him on Facebook and praises him for his positive role in their lives, he feels
\"I like what I do.
Ramsey said he has been trying for years to reveal the behavior of McCarrick to the church authorities.
He said that he had spoken to the late Archbishop Thomas Kelly of Louise on 1993 about McCarrick and wrote a similar letter to the Apostle ambassador in Washington on 2000, then give it to Cardinal Sean on 2015.
Although he sent his letter to nuncio in 2000, he received only one indirect admission that Vatican officials retired in 2006, the one where McCarrick
O\'Malley, chairman of the Council for the protection of minors, said he had not seen Ramsey\'s letter at the time;
Instead, O\'Malley\'s pastor secretary replied to Ramsey that since the events cited did not involve minors, they were outside the commission\'s remit. (
O\'Malley announced earlier this month that he will now start reviewing all of the Commission-related letters sent to his office, or including any allegations of abuse. )
The Vatican did not remove McCarrick from the public sector until June, when a review committee of the New York general Parish found allegations that he had touched the genitals of a minor in a cassock accessory, this is \"credible and conclusive \".
McCarrick made a statement at the time, insisting he was innocent.
After that, he was charged with sexual abuse by another minor at the time.
But what about the alleged abuse of adults?
Adult men are less likely to be victims of compassion than children, and the McCarrick incident is less notable --
It\'s more frightening than the plot revealed by Penn\'s recent grand jury report.
But the church is not only responsible for ensuring that minors are not harmed, but should be sensitive to the fact that the effects of sexual abuse may be particularly serious in the event that religious authority is exploited, it\'s like reading.
The Catholic Church should not harass anyone, nor should religious or civil authorities prosecute such crimes.
The only hope for victims and believers is self
Confession of transparent sacrifice: Vatican officials and Americans close to McCarrick should disclose the Archbishop\'s files to the public, defrock any clergy found to help or incite abuse, and at 88-year-
The old man died in seclusion.
After all the corrupt clergy accepted it, there was so little.
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