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golf\'s would-be iron men in full swing

by:Teesso     2019-08-27
At 10: 00 today, Peter fillbin and his friends had played golf for four hours as he bypassed the ninth hole.
They played golf in the rain.
They will play 80 soon.
Heat, humidity 100%.
After about 10 hours, when they have to stop playing golf, they hit the sunset all the time. Why?
\"So we can say we did it,\" said Philbin, a 34-year-old Bethesda lawyer in Bermuda shorts.
\"No one has ever played 54 holes in golf.
\"In order to play the pure fun of golf when allowed during the day, philbin and more than 50 other players spent $190 on the East Coast Queens town harbor golf course to participate in the winter solstice survival championship of the Washington Golf Monthly.
4 th annual golf marathon-
Held annually on the longest day of the year-
The event has been held for three days now.
The game will continue on Thursday.
Actual day of summer solstice)
Augustine Golf Club in Stafford, Virginia on Friday.
Organizers expect nearly 100 people to kick off every day.
For some people
Among the male population, summer solstice survival is one of the most effortless movements in the United States. pain, no-
Get the charm of true endurance challenges like running or climbing mountains.
This is the Everest of links, the fairway of the Boston Marathon.
But for most people, this is just a chance to play a lot of good golf.
Michael Keating, publisher of The Washington Golf Monthly, said that its schedule was for the longest day in the sun.
\"If we were in Finland, we would do 20 hours,\" he said . \".
Keating, who plans to play for three days, is the first to admit golf, even the winter solstice-
Style requires little physical strength.
\"Only about five minutes of competitive sports in 14 hours,\" he said . \".
Several athletes say the rewards for the game are much more spiritual.
\"You don\'t think about anything else when you\'re outside,\" said 48-year-old retired Air Force officer Julio Chavez from Alexandria.
\"If you go out and hit the ball, you don\'t think about work.
You left the world for four hours.
\"That\'s why golfers didn\'t think twice before they skipped classes on the course overlooking Chesapeake Bay for a whole day at the jobs of doctors, mortgage bankers and defense contractors.
\"We love golf,\" Frank Scott, 60
Old Dell city retirees said during a lunch break after the first hole.
\"We will play no matter the weather.
When the snow storm came, we played in the snow.
If it is raining heavily, we will play.
\"His regular golf partner, Jim Poodiack of Clinton, 52, has set his sights on Scott.
\"He has a golf game--
Blue with golf balls on it.
He needs life!
\"Jokesters strayed from the pitch and Scott and Poodiack became as pious as monks on the link.
When the teammates swing, the golfers are quiet, and they give simple encouragement as the ball soar towards the target. \"Hold up!
51-year-old Pete England, a retired Secret Service agent from Springfield, watches Terry Laughlin\'s ball roll dangerously near a slope that will take the ball\"Ah! . . . Ah! . . . Nice ball!
Dialogue is rarely more complex.
Golfers stick to their 54
Special training and preparation are not required.
Some even admitted eating crabs and beer before 1 in the morning. m.
Get up at sunrise before kick off
\"I don\'t mind playing so much every day,\" said 40-year-old Tom Ungrady, a dentist from Trenton, NY. J.
In fact, the biggest challenge for endurance golf for Poodiack is language, not the body.
\"I may not have adjectives to describe my game,\" he said . \".
Description: Springfield\'s Pete England responded to the putt missed in the marathon.
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