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gaffes, duplicity and ballots: how the tory party picks a leader

by:Teesso     2019-09-03
Competition to replace Britain\'s prime minister, Theresa May, has begun, with former foreign minister Boris Johnson as the first hit.
But competition at the Conservative leadership is a strange animal.
Runners often fail to win.
Here\'s a guide on how to work.
Candidates must not only persuade their colleagues in Parliament to support them, but also maintain their party membership.
The delivery of the first may mean a violation of the second, just as if the candidate is excluded from the final shortlist, the appeal to the member is equal to what.
According to the study conducted by scholars of Queen Mary/Sussex party member program, 64% cards-
Men carry members of the Conservative Party, with 48% over the age of 65.
It is important that, according to the analysis in December, 86% of the people believe that leaving the EU is the most important issue facing the country.
Another poll shows
Third support from conservative members No. deal exit.
Given these points, it is not surprising that ministers have been stressing in recent weeks that their European sceptics are qualified.
How conservative rivals think they can deliver BrexitJohnson said Tuesday that the party would face extinction if it could not deliver Britain out of the EU in October.
31. latest deadline. He’s says a no-
A trade exit must be an option.
Dominique Rabu, Britain\'s former EU exit minister, is also taking a hard line.
British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, who ran for the EU in 2016, changed his mind and often praised the economic opportunities that Britain\'s exit from the EU brought.
Similarly, Home Secretary sagged Jawi and minister of health Matt Hancock have both converted to Brexit;
It is believed that, unlike May, the next prime minister must really leave.
While most members see Europe as a key issue, a considerable number of members are concerned about immigration and asylum, while others are concerned about the economy.
In the long run, many conservatives realize that the party needs to attract more young and diverse audiences. The Tory-
Supporting future research group stressed that only 14% of people aged 18 to 18
24 people will now vote for the party, by contrast Jeremy Corbyn\'s Labor party will get 62% of the vote. Among over-
65 s, 56% lean factory and 24% labor force.
If the Tories completely alienate the party and the country\'s supporters, they will also find it difficult to succeed in the election.
In the last Conservative leadership campaign, Michael Gove dramatically withdrew support for his fellow Brexiteer and announced his candidacy, effectively undermining
Although this is an extreme example, it reminds us that any hopeful leader must fulfill his loyalty promise, a promise that the same member can make to several candidates in exchange for the future in government
On the other hand, the ill-spoken candidate may provide the same work for more than one member of parliament.
Boris Johnson is slim, slim and ready to fight for a strong battlefield, which often indicates that some members of parliament are using this competition to articulate ideas and show how popular they are ---
Instead of having the ambition to win.
As a primary \"clean-
Skin \"is trying to raise their profile and those higher are competing for senior positions in the next government.
Liam Fox, Minister of International Trade, held cabinet positions on 2005 and 2016 occasions.
Fox supports hunting this time.
Two outsiders Kit maluse and James Cleverly have withdrawn due to lack of support.
Some candidates have been working in the tea room and bar in the House of Commons for many years, preparing for future leadership campaigns, listening to colleagues\' concerns and--crucially --
Learn the name of the fuzzy leveland-
Few members of Parliament on TV.
For those who are late, suddenly calling a colleague for support is considered a bad form;
The key is to send an outrider to invite potential supporters to chat quietly. In 2005, front-
Runner David Davis\'s chance was frustrated by a series of mistakes
Including a nervous T with young women-
Shirt with the words \"DD for me\" on it.
His wife, Dolin, revealed in a tabloid interview that Davis\'s neglect of her didn\'t make a difference. at the party\'s annual meeting, his plain speech made the newcomer David Cameron-
Who\'s not talking--to shine.
Cameron won 68% of the vote. An ill-
After the Brexit referendum, Mr Cameron resigned, the comment also decided to run for 2016.
The last two candidates were Mei and Andrea lidesham, who some thought was a more obvious choice because she had already run for leave.
But Leadsom was forced to quit after awkwardly suggesting that being a mother made her a better candidate. -
May had previously spoken publicly about her desire for family failure.
Lidesham is sticking to her Brexit script more closely this time.
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