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from selling tees to owning an eatery: karma

by:Teesso     2019-09-08
Born and raised in Chennai, Mansey completed her business graduation and continues to work for the United States Department of Transportation and the UK High Council.
Meanwhile, her parents are busy with the clothing business, selling T-shirts labeled Karma on St. Mary\'s Road in the city\'s Alwarpet area.
Nine months ago, Mansey decided to get into the restaurant business.
\"I noticed that there are no good restaurants on St. Mary\'s Road, where my parents run their stores,\" she explained . \".
\"I\'m not looking for a place to start ---
I decided to use the store where my parents sell T-shirts --shirts.
\"Without a background in hotel management, Mansi read the subject as much as possible and visited the restaurants as much as possible to find out how they worked.
She then invested 6 rupees, renovated her parents\' store, renovated the decor, and brought new furniture and cooking utensils.
A good friend of hers also opened a restaurant in the city to help train the chefs she hired.
She has four employees under her staff and opened a cafe.
\"Because my parents sold Karma tee, I named it Cafe Karma
She said with a smile.
They still sell here. -
Given that the cafe is still young, a T-shirt is displayed on a shelf and Mansi says it\'s their bread and butter.
She plans to continue selling.
T-shirts besides their good quality
The main theme of the shirt is India, and the sales are for tourists.
A few people have a wit.
Padding like \"healthy eating, live right, die anyway!
\"Our USP is healthy food,\" Mansey said of the food in her cafe. ©Sell.
\"Our burgers are not fried. they are made in pots. baked.
We don\'t have butter or oil in our sandwiches.
Our cooking method is the environment.
Friendly: We do not use fuel such as gasoline or kerosene.
Everything depends on electricity.
\"What if electricity bills were pressed on them as Pat often does across the country ? \" \"We don\'t have to face power outages like the rest of the city, because a lot of VIPs live in the area!
\"In any case, Mansi has invested in the inverter if needed.
Now she is running a complete system with a high electricity bill
But from her point of view, she has to pay even if she uses gas.
Eat now.
Hot and cold drinks in the coffee industry--
Tea, coffee and juice are all there (menu)cards.
Choose one of their models if you feel like something more
Tail like Blue Curaçao or marijuana.
If you feel hungry, you can eat snacks like hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.
Of course, they serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodVegetarian food.
Mansi\'s personal favorite menu is the redemption sandwich;
She also suggested it.
Pasta, toast and garlic bread are also available, along with a range of desserts that are not prepared in a cafe but outsourced.
She explained how Mansi successfully completed her adventure so quickly, \"Well, it\'s not easy because I\'m the only child and I run the restaurant on my own.
\"My parents gave me a lot of spiritual support, but they didn\'t manage things every day;
They are busy making Karma T-shirts.
\"After I started working I had common problems with the workers who were working back
\"Model the store,\" she continued . \"
\"In some days they won\'t show up, and in others they spend their own time doing so.
It is very difficult to stick to the schedule and get the place to start running because we rely on the workers to finish the work in time and they don\'t.
\"Once they have finally opened, the first problem facing Mansi is providing food.
\"We use disposable plates, cups and cutlery, which can be thrown away after use.
I think it\'s a waste of money and it doesn\'t look very decent either.
So we changed gears, we bought the cutlery, we stopped using it. and-
She said: \"Throw method.
\"Also, we only started preparing an item after we placed the order ---
It can be wasted if we prepare things in advance.
This way you can have a fresh meal and not waste it.
\"What\'s the reaction to the new little restaurant on St. Mary\'s Road\" customers like the taste of the food and are happy with the amount of food they provide.
Some people are very specific about their likes and dislikes, and we always prepare things according to their instructions.
We also prepared special dishes for regulars and ordered special desserts that were not available on the menu, \"the merchant said --
Young Lady
Not only that, Mansi has a personal rapport with everyone who comes in, and it\'s easy to understand why most people leave with satisfaction and are eager to come back.
Most importantly, dining at the Karma Cafe is an economical option-
A couple can dine here for just Rs 300, including dessert.
During these difficult times, it was a relief, and speaking in the same way was a real inspiration for the young people of her age.
After all, she has invested in her own money (no bank loan)
In the recession, when millions of people lost their jobs, she set up her own business and succeeded wisely.
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