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five international menswear trends that won’t do in pakistan

by:Teesso     2019-08-26
I bet everyone you guys read This is following at least one group of international celebrities on Instagram, whether it\'s Beyonce or Chris Evans.
In addition to being exposed to the latest news and cross-border gossip, you usually start by updating your own ceremony about OOTD (
Clothing of the day)
Your favorite international celebrity.
The world of social media has blurred all boundaries.
Now, thousands of miles away, you can see and reproduce different cultures and cultures.
When you keep up with fashion trends, you have to keep an eye on what\'s going on at Cannes or Paris fashion week.
But whatever you see on T or Instagram, it may not work in your specific cultural environment. What a bummer! !
Let\'s take a look at some of the popular men\'s wear trends in the world, but it may surprise you in Pakistan.
Straw hats come with summer and sunshine.
They are almost everywhere on Instagram.
Each label is promoting them as an important part of summer accessories.
Every blogger, influence, and celebrity has a picture of him on vacation somewhere in the Pacific.
Printed shirts and giant straw hats!
There is no doubt that it looks fashionable and trendy, but although the temperature in Pakistan is much higher and the sun is much stronger, you dare not follow suit.
Especially if you\'re a self.
Conscious people don\'t want to attract a lot of attention to themselves.
I\'m afraid you have to accept a P-
Unless you\'re on a French beach.
International trends are constantly floating back and forth, and you will often see trends of 70 and 90 on runways and streets.
Even though they look effortless from their 70 s of stylish flared pants just won\'t be made in Pakistan.
First of all, Pakistani society has long ignored the fashion trend of men.
Anything unusual in men\'s clothing is too dangerous to wear every day.
The horn pants on Justin Bieber look great, but unfortunately you have to be content with your slim figure!
Secondly, even if you dare to wear horn pants in Pakistan and walk up and down the street, believe me, they will become too muddy to clean and not wear them again.
So even if the fashion trend in Pakistan does allow men to wear horn pants, the cleaning will not happen!
The trend of the oversized Trail Blazers is easy to change and works really well for women in Pakistan, but for men\'s wear it\'s not!
The ideal suit for men is always imagined as slim figure and perfect customization.
Anything as loose as an oversized suit coat would be considered a custom-made wrong item.
You think you can order a Polo soon.
Put your shirt on the Internet and put it under your coat, but no, at least you could be the laughing stock of your social circle.
Surprisingly, nothing is too tight on Pakistan\'s fashion radar, but the oversized suit coat is a big no. no in menswear.
So even though it looks easy on the Insta feed, carrying an oversized suit coat will give you a lot of courage!
In terms of glasses, the international fashion trend has changed from an oversized square to a narrow hue, but Pakistan\'s fashion profile is stuck on the pilot\'s page.
The international leading clothing brand has listed narrow tones as the hottest trend this summer.
But this is not the case locally;
In fact, it\'s hard to find anything similar in the market here.
So even if you think you can take off the narrow tones, it\'s a bad job to find a decent couple around.
The men\'s wear accessories sector is booming in the international market.
Everything from the daily necessities to the holiday costumes has undergone revolutionary changes.
However, the only thing men can stick to in Pakistan is attitude and double wallet!
This is the only accessory they have.
So, when you see a man carrying a cross-body pocket, don\'t let your chin fall on the floor in awe.
It does look up to date and stylish, but if you\'re going to follow this trend in Pakistan, be ready for unwanted gaze.
The difference in cultural practices, ideas, and mindset can actually have a devastating impact on your wardrobe.
Don\'t follow everything you see on social media.
However, if you are eager to be a trendsetter in Pakistan, I will bless you.
It does take a lot of courage and patience, but certainly not impossible!
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