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Light Walker Junyue footwear, Inc.
Expanded their popular Alpha series, including seven
Inch Alpha Lite perfumeFree Stalker.
Made of odor free rubber and 3. 5-
Self-insulated neoprene, theScent-
Free stalkers also feature secure stickers and self-lace up
Clean up the outsole that makes hunters really feel like they\'re sneaking into the ground. [
Slightly] Illustrations[
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Junyue Shoes Co. , Ltd. , Dept.
17634, NE Airport Road, Portland, 97230; (503)262-0110; www.
Hockey shoes. com.
Keep the water dry all day Mothwing Camo
Even in the worst weather, cold-proof jackets and pants are designed to keep the Hunter dry.
Built with 100
240g tricot, Hydrowingseries can prevent heavy downpour but remainsquiet--
This is a long-standing problem with traditional rain gear.
Custom Waterproof pockets and special 3 m tape seams also make sure you and your gear stay dry anyway.
The Mothwings \'hydrowing waterproof gear is available in several mothwing\' spopular camouflage patterns. [
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Contact: Mothwing Camo Technologies, Inc. , Dept.
PB, 275 Helenwood Road, Helenwood, TN 37755; (800)668-4946; www. mothwing. com.
Perfect underfloor scent
Lok\'s new perfect panel BaseSlayer gives you warmth where you need it and takes most away where you don\'t need it.
The outside edges of the arms and legs, seat and lower back obtain additional warm material, but most of it has been removed from the flex area, where it is not needed, when archers are stuck on a tree rack or positioned for tricky shoe fields, they get extra
This creates a light base system with \"thermal symmetry\" through body mapping to improve comfort and performance.
Combination of carbon technology and anti-carbon technology
In order to fight the smell of human beings, microbial treatment works together. [
Slightly] IllustrationsContact: Scent-
Music Technology Department.
PB, Dr. Wierengo, 1731
, Muskegon, MI 49442; (800)315-5799; www. scentlok. com.
The new CamoWest camouflage pattern, known as \"mixing\", combines long-pin pine and hard oak trees to provide sharp sharpness.
It features the background of earth color.
The hybrid was designed to not \"spot\" in the distance \".
Instead, it sticks to its definition, which is the key to trying to fool the eyes of cautious mating animals like fork horns, elk or wild turkeys. [
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Contact: CamoWest, Department
CO81401 PB, 104 1st Street, Monrose South; (970)240-3075; www. camowest. com.
ScentShield S3 full-frame Archer shirt made of lightweight trictricot and wool fabric is ideal for layering and any weather.
It includes S3 antibacterial technology that gives you the best possible odor removal.
The upper part of the shirt is durable and waterproof; the micro-
Wool creates the idea of lining and lower parts that can be stuffed into pants.
This jumper includes a piece of 1/4.
Zip front and size range from S to 2XL.
Available in popular camping like Moss Oak Tree, Realtree AP and Advantage Max-1 HD. [
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Contact: ScentBlocker/Robinson outdoor DepartmentPB, 110 N. Park Dr.
, Gun drop, MN 55009-0018; (800)397-1827; www. scentblocker. com.
Atomic clothing Loki scent IQ atomic clothing is created for maximum invisibility while standing or standing.
The scent Chamber of Commerce permanently blocks the smell of humans, more specifically, caused by bacteria on the skin.
Costume created by Silent Hunter Micro
Wool to reduce bumps and sounds when moving.
The trench coat is wind-proof but still breathable and quiet.
The extended collar protects your neck in cold conditions.
All kinds of Moss Oak and true tree camouflage patterns have rock smell IQ atomic clothing. [
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Contact: Rocky shoes & Boots, Dept.
39 Canal Street
Oh, 45764; (740)753-1951; www. rockyboots. com.
No more bugs to protect the body from bites like ticks, chi worms, mosquitoes and black flies, Rynoskin insect protection set from har-Son Inc.
I already got it for you.
Rynoskin is very light (1. 2pounds)
, Breathable, 100 should be provided under hunting clothing-
Protect from biting insects, as well as the maximum percentage of stealth and comfort. [
Slightly] IllustrationsContact: Har-Son Inc. , Dept. PB, P. O.
10772 boxes of central and western cities, OK, 73140; (866)934-7546; www. rynoskin. com.
The H086 roaring jacket from Mad Dog gear was designed with hardcore hunters in mind.
The Growler is characterized by a quiet, light weight housing; two-
The Way cargo pocket and front zipper with storm flapto keep you dry in the worst weather.
There are several popular camo patterns in the Roar series of crazy dogs, such as Moss Oak rest-
Up and Realtree ap hd, as well as a variety of sizes including youth sizes. [
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Contact: Stearns Inc. , Dept.
PB, 1100 Stearns Drive, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379; (320)252-1642; www. maddoggear. com.
The weather is not good, no problem. One day, a New lined trousers from a camouflage suit that will keep you warm and dry no matter how bad the weather is.
Built-in thermal pad pocket (
Work with natural blood flow to provide maximum warmth)
, Unique weather check waist (
It\'s like wearing a bodice but no straps)
DayOne has 150 grams of thin acid insulation in its inner lining pants, making you comfortable all day and enjoying hunting. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: First day Camouflage DepartmentPB, 3300 So. Knox Ct.
Englewood, CO 80110; (800)347-2979; www.
One month a day. com.
The latest addition to Remington in the field of odor control clothing is the new Remcloth odor control system Parka and Bibs.
These hunting dogs use more resources.
Basically created a tiny climate with no smell, eliminated most offensive smells and warned wary game animals.
Smell control coat and Bibs are 100
Waterproof, breathable and wind-proof.
Rest in Moss Oak-
Up, Realtree AP, or Realtree ap hd. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Tulsa, OK 7633, Tulsa, Suite 300, Remington costume, 74133 East 63 square; (918)459-4615; www. remington. com.
Proud to be a predator, put on Buckwell\'s \"be a predator not a prey\" T-Shirt.
This mosscolored, pre-shrunk 100-
A hundred percent cotton T-shirt has a huge picture of white tail buck on the front that says \"Hunter \". . .
Follow your intuition.
\"Buck\'s Predatorshirt is the perfect gift for hardcore shooters in your home. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Buck apparel, Dept.
PB, Baltimore, MD21223, 2900 Cowen Avenue; (410)646-6400; www. buckwear. com.
3D wool hunters have long known the comfort and warmth of hunting duds, and now with Cabela\'s size wool collection, they can add hide to the list of properties.
Use of Cabela-
Create a defined printing process for camo patterns that seem to jump off the costume.
The size wool collection features a hat jacket, a 1/4 zip jumper, a vest and trousers. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Cabelas, Department
PB, 115 Dr. Carbella
Sydney, NE 69160; (800)237-4444; www. cabelas. com.
Xia Yan Silvermax microfibre button shirts and pants for unfragrant and invisible medal winners are now available in the new Treestand pattern of Moss oak trees for ultimate hiding.
These duds feature a micro poly-brush knit case which means they are very quiet and heat resistantsapping wind.
They also feature 99. 9-
% Pure SilverTechnology woven lining to try to prevent all unpleasant smells from reaching the nose of unsuspecting game animals. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: American medal winnerS. A. , Dept.
No. 1047 MacArthur Road
, Reading, pa9605; (800)543-8952; www. medalist. com.
The spider only weighs 1.
2 pounds, new spider Jacketoffers stretch in the west of the river, durability and 100-
Waterproof protection through H2PSystem. Dual 11-
The inch vent zipper is 25 degrees angled to the center, creating an excellent air permeability.
There is a handy waterproof license pocket on the left sleeve and welded on the shoulderonsling-grippers.
The radial collar protects your neck from the cold and wind.
The jacket is neatly tucked into the 13x7 provided. 5-
Inch mesh bag for easy carrying and storage.
Jacket included 10-
Waterproof for 12 years
The promise of the month is unbreakable. [
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Contact person: Xihe, Department
2900 street 4.
S. 98134, Seattle, Washington; (206)682-8574; www. riverswest. com.
The new Moss Oak pattern designed for hardcore white tail hunters, the new tree wood and pattern of Moss Oak effectively breaks the hunter\'s outline, even when the trees are bare later in autumn, deer are also very vigilant due to increased hunting pressure.
Moss Oak trees take advantage of the details and subtleties of real tree limbs in a neutral background, and their treetops and patterns will certainly give hunters an edge when they reach the elevated stands. [
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Contact: Haas Outdoor Co. , Ltd. , Dept.
PB, 200 East Street. O.
757 boxes at West Point, 39773 MS; (888)MOSSYOAK; www. mossyoak. com.
Clothes in cold weather Sitka Gear to imitate high-
Technical mountain clothing.
Although these are basically Westernand-
The new series is designed with serious white tail hunters.
Celsius jackets, bib, gloves and hats are all high
To keep you warm in extreme cold weather, loftinsulation and soft case.
They are fully articulated, lightweight and built considering archers.
The Mothwing SitkaCelcius series has a mountain imitation camouflage. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: siteca gear system
PB 860, 94558 Napa Valley Road, Napa F suites, California; (707)253-1122; www. sitkagear. com. ALL FOR ONE . . .
New Pro hood jacket pull-
Including many hunting features to satisfy the most discerning hunters.
The jacket includes a quiet miniature
Package shell and fragranceLok single-
Warm Savannahweather\" scent-
Control technology.
Form provided for accessories/masks-
Comfortable and comfortable, and added odor control.
It includes easy-Adjustable Wirelock and dual-
The straps are adjusted to ensure unobstructed view.
Magnetic earmuffs can be opened to improve hearing; a \"hand-
The front includes warm pockets. [
Slightly] IllustrationsContact: Pro-Hood, Dept. PB, 1120 E.
Cranberry Lake Road
Harrison, MI 48625; (989)539-5761; www. prohood. com.
Fragrance of new Savannah
Lok\'s Savanna EXT is the lightest scent
Can also control clothes
This new fabric can be found on a wide variety of bow costumes;
Very soft and quiet, more than double 25-
A few percent lighter than the previous Savanna fabric.
All the new Savana EXTitems come with a Climaflex liner for extreme comfort.
They also include-
Microbial treatment (to reduce odor-
Causing bacteria)
This is coupled with activated carbon as-
Control the smell twice.
Look for it on Moss Oak and rest
Up and Realtree AP. [
Slightly] IllustrationsContact: Scent-
Music Technology Department.
PB, Dr. Wierengo, 1731
, Muskegon, MI 49442; (800)315-5799; www. scentlok. com.
Dream boots ScentBlocker\'s dream season pro knee boots include remote controlled leggings with body lock technology, allowing for regenerative odor control between hunting.
The climbing right-angle heel provides reliable grip, and the fusion gel absorber provides a shock absorber
Absorb comfort.
This boot provides an SPF 60 activated carbon odor protection and 100-
Percentage of waterproof quality.
Dream season boots 8 to 13 yards under Moss Oak
Use Shin Guard, S3 antibacterial odor control and wool lining. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: ScentBlocker/Robinson outdoor DepartmentPB, 110 N. Park Dr.
, Gun drop, MN 55009-0018; (800)397-1827; www. scentblocker. com. HIGH-
Technology has deceived the new high-tech extreme.
Performance hunting appareloffers quality, versatility and innovation. Three-
Layer structure (
Poly tricot with waterproof coating, waterproof/breathable laminate and soft wool)
Warmth is provided without the need for insulation.
In all weather conditions, all are waterproof, super soft and quiet except wear-resistant and burrs-proof.
They were designed to wear too much.
Performance base layer and camouflage in Realtree ap hd.
Find the extreme range of TrailTech in coats, pants, overalls, gloves, raincoats and wool to meet all your outdoor needs. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: TrailTech department. PB, 230A W. Kensinger Dr.
Cranbury Township, PA 16066; (888)545-1054; www. trailtech. biz.
New camouflage navigator long-sleeved polo shirt updated by Under armour andma, including anti-moisturepick,anti-
Ultra-fiber woven polyester fabric treated with UV protection for Pilling, with longer service life, plus antimicrobial agents to fight against human odors.
The mesh back and underarm areas provide superior moisture transport and ventilation, especially when carrying hunting bags.
Choose from Realtree ap hd, Moss Oak new break-
Digicamouflage mode for Under Armour. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Armour performance clothing department
PB, 1010 swancreek, Baltimore, MD; 21226; (888)7-ARMOUR; www. underarmour. com.
Outdoor New \"Western\" camper-
The new BackLand West offers a height
The realistic camouflage pattern of the Hunter-
Open Space in national deserts, prairies and grasslands looking for harp
The eye game that lives on the terrain.
GlobalTech44 technology combines natural colors and elements of grass, Earth and shine with light and shadow in open spaces to create the illusion of depth and texture.
As a result, the Western backcountry has Chameleon.
Just like quality, change the color and shape to suit every environment around you, from color spots to meskey in South Texas, and almost everything in. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact Information: Outdoor, Department
17128 Street 240
MN 55350, Hutchinson; (320)234-6192; www.
Outdoor activities. com.
Women\'s dream season for girls only, from ScentBlocker, tailored these classic hunting costumes for ladies.
They include increased odor control of SPF50 activated carbon and further S3 antimicrobial treatment to kill the odor
Causing bacteria during contact
Dream wool is very quiet and comfortable with long-lasting water resistance.
BodyLock waist and cuffs do not release the smell and do not work with the smellproof zippers.
They range in size from S to L and are made of betel nuts with the new Treestand camo pattern of Moss oak trees. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: ScentBlocker/Robinson outdoor DepartmentPB, 110 N. Park Dr.
, Gun drop, MN 55009-0018; (800)397-1827; www. scentblocker. com.
Lighter BOWHUNTING suits the west of the river with a long history of high design
The 2008 Outlaw jacket is light weight and warm, including a waterproof license pocket welded to the front chest;
Open and close the two magnetic cargo pockets where the magnet stops;
Bottom pull line;
Shoulder of double vertical profile sling holder; and hand-
The warm pocket is tilted 30 degrees for easy access. With aroll-
Conveniently tucked into the hood of the collar. The criminals were built far from the old road. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact person: Xihe, Department
2900 street 4.
S. 98134, Seattle, Washington; (206)682-8574; www. riverswest. com. SUPER-WARM [
Slightly] Illustrations
Logan zipper in Woolridge
Neck sweater is the perfect layered costume to stand on a tree or run errands in town after hunting.
The cooked wool is super strong and warm.
It has a hidden front zipper that extends to the ribsknit collar.
Microwool arranges the collar and burritos on the top edge to provide extra comfort for the wearer.
It includes faux suede elbowpatches and ribsknit cuffs.
It also includes a tubular sweater.
Knit belt and center with streamlined fit-
The rear length is 28. 5 incheslong.
Contact: Woolrich Inc. , Dept. PB, 1 Mill St.
Woolrich, PA 17779; (570)769-6464; www. woolrich. com. SPACE-
Exclusive 3SP fabric for age cloth for extreme mountaineering clothing, now available from sport hunting camouflage.
Blended polypropylene and spandex are weatherproof to 35 mph and dry very fast with 4-way stretch.
3SP fabric is water-repellent and can dry sweat and keep warm
Mass can be produced even when wet.
It is soft and quiet, does not like to catch, and has the support of the athlete --
Unconditional guarantee.
Look for sport thills3sp fabric in adventure deep forest camouflage pattern.
Jackets, trousers, hats and insulated gloves are all useful. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Sports Department
PB, 725 McKinley Street
Eugene 97402; (888)622-8444; www.
Sports hunting. com. SNAKES!
360 degree protection has no problem with potentially fatal striped snakes, new side
Zipper boots from hockey shoes will keep you safe, even on the cover fitted with a disease
Tempered rattlesnake or copper snake.
Suitable for Turkish hunting (
When the snake comes out of the wood product), theFang Side-
The zipper is waterproof and covered with Realtree apg hd camo.
Perhaps the most interesting feature of these boots is the ability to unlock their zippers and take them off easily-
The owner of this pair of boots will definitely like a convenient feature. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Junyue Shoes Co. , Ltd. , Dept.
17634, NE Airport Road, Portland, 97230; (503)262-0110; www.
Hockey shoes. com.
Dead silent mad dog gear dead silent insulated jacket and pants own dead silent fleece, not only wind and breathable, but also super quiet.
Large cargopockets with 100g of dilute acid salt with pass-
At the back of the warm pocket and elastic waist, in order to prevent the loss of body heat, the dead silent coat is perfect for archers, who are not afraid of late season hunting.
Dead silent and trousers are provided in Advantage Max
1 HD and Realtree ap hd. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Stearns Inc. , Dept.
PB, 1100, Staten Avenue, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota 56379; (320)252-1642; www. maddoggear. com.
Better boots Danner expands its popular range of pro nboots hunting boots by adding the side zip GTX of the Pronghorn. These eight-
Inch boots terra force offers the highest level of stability, grip and comfort.
The side zipper with 200g of Thinsulate has Moss Oak obsession with camo, while the side zipper with 1200G Thinsulate has Realtree ap hd camo. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: Junyue/Danna Shoes Co. , Ltd. , Dept.
Portland NE AirportWay PB, 17634 OR 97230; (503)262-0110; www. danner. com.
25x10x18 is double fragrance free travel bag to keep their clean tree aproninch,bright-
Plenty of space to store orange laundry storage for dumb bullets.
They are designed to protect your hunting clothing from contamination at home or on the road, giving you a guaranteed scent
Every hunting is independent.
Because they are flexible, they are crammed into places when traveling, and Orange is easy to find even behind full trucks.
24x16x10 included-
The in-inch laundry bag allows you to pack a bunch of dirty clothes. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Contact: tree apron company, Dept. PB, P. O.
NY11714 box 233 Bethpage; (516)935-7126; www. treeapron. com.
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