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fbi investigating union city bank robbery

by:Teesso     2019-09-13
It is said that a man is in his middle.
Authorities say people in their 30 s allegedly robbed a branch of United City Bank of America on Thursday morning.
According to FBI spokesman Brian L.
Traverse, a man in a dark T-shirt.
At 10: 30, a shirt, dark brown glasses and a yellow hat came into the bank. m.
Put a luggage bag on the counter.
Travers said he sent a note to the teller and threatened to use the weapon.
Travers said the teller handed over an undisclosed sum to the man who then fled on foot.
Travers said that there were no customers in the bank when accused of robbery, he also said that no one was injured, and that the accused robbers never took out real weapons.
Anyone with information about this event should be in (973)792-3000.
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