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: fashion: join the andwagon.

by:Teesso     2019-08-24
Erin Taylor: some things about stripes are called \"the sea!
\'And\' \'Days \'\'.
So make sure to pack some striped stuff if you\'re going to the beach.
Matello stripes are the holiday favorites, especially the white Navy or red stripes.
But this summer, you can use beige or black on white to indicate the change, lilac on black to indicate the change, and pastel red or ancient blue to indicate the change in navy.
And then forever.
Popular rugby shirt for low aspounds 12.
Tesco is priced at £ 99, and temperatures are slightly higher during the cold summer months, especially on British beaches.
From cool and hard fabrics
Wearing a soft jersey should attract all families.
So put on your fashion stripes this summer and draw a dash on the beach.
Top: beige and white top 73, white cotton 83, orange cotton 59, all from lacoste (0207-432 9432)
Clockwise from the top left: he is wearing a light blue polo en trouserspounds 49, Navy/medium blue fun polo shirt pounds 29.
She wore 49 lbs of white lanyard trousers and 29 lbs of light pink stripes.
Girls wear dark indigo denim nine-point jeans pounds 18-
Blue/navy stripe T-12 pound shirt14 from Boden (0208-453 1535);
Black white striped top for £ 12.
99, rope 16. 99 from Tesco;
£ 39 jeans.
All from the River Island;
Polo toppounds month, round neck T-shirt
Shirt pound 5, round neck long sleeve T-
Shirtpounds month, zip
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