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far-right vic extremist accused of lying

by:Teesso     2019-08-30
Right-wing activist Neil Eriksson says he is a forklift driver and doesn\'t know much about the law, but his former employer\'s lawyer has accused him of lying in court.
Eriksson appeared in the Federal Circuit Court on Monday, and after violating the court order, he was despised for failing to hand over uniform items to his previous employer tolls.
The convicted stalkers and ethnic detractors said he had thrown away his uniform.
\"I admit I did not return them,\" he told the judge Suzanne Jones . \".
\"I threw them away.
\"On December, the toll station took Eriksson to court because he had been wearing uniforms in inflammatory videos involving the far-right group patriotic united front and Patriot Blue.
Judge Jones then ordered the unemployed forklift driver to return several paid uniforms and remove any videos and photos that saw him wearing a paid uniform.
Eriksson stopped working for the charging company in 2014, but worked for them again in 2017 before being fired.
But he and his colleagues continue to wear fee uniforms in videos and events, most recently outside of a speech at controversial British commentator Milo iannopoulos in Kensington
Eriksson and others ambushed Senator Sam dastary at a book Conference on November, and also wore a charged polo shirt in the orange and green color of fluorine and called it Iran-
Labor politicians are \"terrorists\" by nature \". The anti-
Islamic protesters representing themselves say tolls are bullying him.
\"I personally think they want me to break down,\" he said in court . \"
Eriksson also told the court that he was just an 8-year-old forklift driver.
Not aware of the court procedure and the general education of all the documents he received from the toll center.
But pay lawyer miles Tyne says Eriksson has been paying attention to wearing his previous work clothes since August --
Before the Federal Circuit Court started the lawsuit
\"In my submission, the court should be very, very vigilant and not accept any unproven evidence from Mr Eriksson on the surface value,\" The counsel said . \".
\"Whatever he thought might help his career at the time, he was willing to say.
Eriksson, in his defense of his violations, revealed that he and his friend Ricky Turner were charged with clashes with demonstrators outside Mr. iannopoulos\'s performance on December 4.
He said the police confiscated his cell phone because of the charges, which meant he was unable to access the email and receive important court documents.
Eriksson also picked up the Quran as he was prepared to provide sworn evidence on Monday by providing a religious oath, and then chose the Bible when the court staff pointed out the difference.
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