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family: baby cut from slain chicago woman\'s womb dies

by:Teesso     2019-09-20
CHICAGO-A baby boy was cut off from a woman\'s womb in Chicago with a butcher\'s knife on Friday and died in a hospital since the April attack on killing his mother, A spokesman for the serious family said. Avani Jadir (yoh-VAH\'-nee YAH\'-dee-el)
According to a statement released on Facebook by family spokesman Julie Contras, Lopez died at the Christ Medical Center on the Oak Lawn in the suburbs, saying he was \"very sad\" when announcing the death of the baby \".
The statement was confirmed by family spokeswoman Cecilia Garcia.
Since being taken to hospital in April 23, the baby has been receiving life support.
Prosecutors say the 46-year-old Clarisa Figueroa claimed she had children. She and her 24-year-
Old-fashioned Panpan, Seri Figueroa, the mother of a baby accused of murder and death, 19-year-
Old Mullen Ochoa
Lopez and Chicago police spokesman Anthony gurgaemi said Friday that he expects both women to be charged with the murder of babies now.
Tandra Simonton, spokesman for the Cook County prosecutor\'s office, said in a written statement that after the police and the County forensic office completed the investigation, the prosecutor would \"identify additional charges \".
A lawyer for the family, Frank Avila, asked the office to charge the two women with murder and charged figaroa\'s boyfriend, Piotr Bobak, with murder.
Boebuck was accused of concealing a murder case.
\"The baby is murdered and we ask for justice,\" he said . \".
When the child died, Garcia said, the family had been considering whether to take the child away from life support.
Avila told reporters that he was told overnight that the baby\'s condition had deteriorated, prompting him to call a Catholic priest who came to the hospital about 1 in the morning for the final ceremonym.
Four hours later, he said, the child died from brain damage caused by the loss of oxygen cut off her mother\'s body.
The Christ Medical Center said in a statement that its \"heart and prayers\" are with the families of babies whose \"courage and grace attract the admiration of our entire organization.
\"The authorities argue that shortly after the natural death of Clarisa Figueroa\'s adult son, she told her family that she was pregnant.
They say she has been planning for months to acquire a newborn and she posted an ultrasound and photo of a room decorated for babies on her Facebook page.
During the march, she and Ochoa
Lopez is connected on the pregnant woman\'s Facebook page.
The first time the two met was around April 1, when Ochoa-
Prosecutors said Lopez went to the House of figarroas and left unscathed.
Teen shows in April 23 for baby clothes offered by Clarisa Figueroa \'such as Siri figaroa to medium size
Lopez is a photo album of her late brother, and in order to distract her, Clarisa Figueroa sneaked behind her and strangled her with a rope. Once Ochoa-
Lopez stopped the signs of life, Clarissa figaroa cut the baby from the womb, she and her daughter wrapped the teen\'s body in a blanket, and, according to prosecutors, put it in a plastic bag, drag outside the trash can.
Later in the day, Clarisa Figueroa called 911, claiming that her newborn baby did not breathe.
The child is blue when the first aid person arrives.
They tried to revive the baby and bring him to Christ\'s Medical Center until he died.
This version of the story corrects the spelling of the instrument in paragraph 6.
Callahan reports from Indianapolis.
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