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Embroidery and the perfect combination of modern clothing

by:Teesso     2020-05-03
Accompanied by a mature consumption concept, the pursuit of personalized dress code, with the traditional culture connotation, the combination of fashion design will be more welcome. National is the world, the merger and blend of Chinese and western culture of ancient and modern culture will become design the source of export. Embroidery in the application of design 1. Pattern adornment form and position since the origins of embroidery, which can both palace noble and folk, adornment is very broad. Embroidery patterns in the placket, sleeves, skirt, get a department parts, such as clothing and chinese-style chest covering, hat, such as ties, belts, aprons, shoes accessories in everywhere, it can take the form of points, such as spends, dragon, phoenix, butterflies, birds, such as grain appearance alone, can form a second consecutive, sifang continuous combinations such as embroidery lace into the design, can also be large embroidery on the whole clothing, through the collocation of color, shape and decoration is applied to the design. In use today is to avoid copying restoring ancient ways, decoration parts can break the routine, to try to adorn with modern pop aesthetic way. 2. Colour, the embroidery skills in traditional embroidery patterns can be in the design of color matching techniques, such as: three blue embroidery, embroidery and many minority embroidery in fabrics collocation, design decorations and costumes of the widget color processing. Through the printing and dyeing, painting, embroidery methods such as local deco, expression of traditional culture connotation, to achieve personalized design. 3. High-tech application of the rapid development of modern science and technology, make the garment in such aspects as warmth, wearing comfort, labor defense have huge increase, also bring great change to the development of embroidery, embroidered the invention greatly reduces the time of the hand embroidery, at the same time bring design defect such as a single, rigid. Can make full use of modern science and technology in the design of embroidery. For example: in the fabric embroidery lace, seeds, as well as effect of printing and dyeing, can greatly reduce the manual cost shorter time, also may carry on the embroidery pattern digital printing on fabrics, very easy to achieve personalized design. Long cultural history, left a rich resources for our learning, she brings to the clothing of personalized and infinite value are irreplaceable. How to put her unique artistic form and cultural connotation and modern aesthetics together into our clothing field, how the old embroidery art perfect combination as a modern design elements and clothing is our unshirkable responsibility. In a word, in the rapid economic development, the growing consumer dress concept, market demand complex today, to carry forward the fine traditional folk manual art, inheritance of long history, splendid national culture at the same time we need to apply what they learned in practice continuously explore, perfect, combining modern pop aesthetic culture with the old give it new connotation of life.
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