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dressing baby for the winter

by:Teesso     2019-09-23
Jacket and coat are very different!
When most people think of baby clothes, they think of cute sailor clothes and crumpled pink dresses, or maybe White Flowers stained with spit --
Isomil formula.
They rarely think of heavy winter clothes and wind-proof jackets.
However, in a Cold Climate (
Or on cold days in a warm climate)
In fact, babies need the protection of coats or jackets as much as adults do.
Fortunately, the designers of the best baby clothes are very aware of the need for warm winter clothes for babies and toddlers, and have designed a few lines of simple and lovely coats, jackets, other winter clothes are only suitable for children in your home.
Most of them are available in boutique stores around the world, as well as through mail order and online retailers.
The examples listed here are found on the designer baby clothing website called Tutti Bella (
Everything is beautiful in Italian).
Jean Bourget on cool rather than cold days, designer Jean Bourget offers a smart and attractive rustic yellow spring dress with a hat.
Your little guy with a shallow striped lining, four silver snap and pocket on the left chest will be the coolest bambino on campo da giuoco.
Available in three to twenty sizes
In four months, the retail price of this item is $62. 95.
Zutano offers a gorgeous reversible pink printed jacket that helps keep older baby girls warm and baked.
This is a double occasion coat made of 100% cotton with a pink floral pattern on one side and seersuker stripes on the other.
The jacket is zipped in front and includes a hood.
The size of this Zutano masterpiece ranges from 24 months to 5 years and costs $48. 95.
Of course, not everyone can afford to wear designer-style clothes for babies at runway model prices. While $50-
$60 is not a bad price for an older child, a little expensive for a baby coat purchased in September, and it may no longer be suitable for the third year.
For the rest of us, Wal-Mart
Mart, Target, Kmart, and the more adventurous Old Navy.
Baby coats can be purchased in these places at a much more affordable price and these items will still keep the kids warm throughout the winter.
It is important to remember that babies will be cold and need to be warm like the rest of us.
Make sure you allocate space in both budget and closet when buying baby clothes, buy a good quality coat or jacket to protect your child you are part of the world
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