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double identity.

by:Teesso     2019-08-16
The rebirth of the chief.
This title used to be synonymous with neglect.
The nose revolver becomes high-
21 st century technology hidden gun
Smith and Weisen\'s \"chief special\" once retained only one title for \"pocket rotation\" and now also mentioned a series of semi-automatic pistols.
For nearly half a century, the chief\'s special revolver-a five-shot.
Special in case of stretching.
32 frames called \"J\" frames--
It has always been a clear off-duty, backup and armedcitizen carrying guns. The J-frame .
With the latest generation of free American citizens intoxicated with the recently acquired hidden carry privilege, 38 is actually enjoying a happy new renaissance.
They found out what generations of police and citizens of free jurisdictions already know: guns like Chief\'s dedicated revolver carry with them, simple tomanipuling, when one goes out
The chief special vending machine is similar to the third generation S & W deed of chopping and guiding which has established reputation, including three letters of two sizes.
CS9 7 1 9mm round plendid from street
Type 3913 verified.
CS40 and CS45 share the frame of the large aperture block, carrying 7 1.
40 hair, 6 Hair 1. 45 ACPs.
Mainly, the CS45 is very compact.
In the words of the Chief, this is the same.
In terms of overall length, its name is \"snubnoserevolver \".
At 3/8 wide, its slides are fatter than J-
Cylinder of frame.
At 45/8 \"height\", the distance from the rear view to the ass is only 3/8 \", more than its predecessor of the shaft gun.
However, this is a semi-automatic form of spit seven fat.
45 non-plus batsmen, not 5. 38s.
In the words of Oldsmobile, this is not something special about your father\'s chief.
Most people will find CS45 easier to shoot under pressure than a revolver that establishes a special name for the chief.
The muzzle jump is similar, but even though it is more powerful, it is much smaller to feel the recoil.
This is because the more modern semi-automatic design puts the caliber line in a lower position, and also because the pistol gets stuck every time it shoots after the first shot.
CS45 is a pleasant gunpower .
45 ammunition, shooting J-at the same time-
The frame revolver you carry with you on the street with the butt and grip will soon grow old.
Faster reload.
You still have more than 40% ammo in your gun, if you put your ammo in the right position while talking about firepower, then the more effective ammo is here, the features of the Plaza chief are just
That\'s the same when you talk, at least when it\'s serious.
45 pieces of personal defense ammunition.
This is not to say that the new chiefs will put the old one first. The J-
The frame revolver is a classic ankle holster gun and you need a very strong ankle (
And zhong di)
Let the c545 do the same work.
The chief\'s special revolver is a good pocket gun (
Although it was later incarnated, the corpse-
Hammer bouncers and \"hammer-free\" hundred-year models do better). I wear a J-
Always put the frame in my trouser pocket and I almost forgot it was there.
The CS45 in my side pocket feels like an anchor and actually interferes with sitting down in tight jeans. Coat pocket? My J-
Most of the time, the frame lives there.
This day.
In the winter coat pocket, I am sure this is not the natural residence of cs45.
Should they all be entitled \"chief special?
\"It\'s your own decision.
It is important that you have a chance.
So, suing me for the cut-off gripframe of CS45 is how the shooter feels about another gun, it\'s either love or hate, there\'s no middle ground.
One of my friends, a big guy with big hands, was actually surprised when he shot the test pistol.
\"It doesn\'t hurt, but it doesn\'t feel right,\" he complained.
\"My eldest daughter, with a carry license, wears 3913 more Smith than anything else.
She said, handing it to the Chiefs. 45back to me.
It feels bad. Keep it.
\"Hey, sue me, but I like the feeling. 45.
No, not for my hand.
The finger extension made it only walk halfway along my little finger when I grabbed it naked
When I was wearing gloves, the last finger was completely under my ass.
But the Hogg handle is well filled with the depression of the palm, and the gun points to this place as well.
Feeling is subjective.
Like many third generation S & W car handguns, when you catch it, you can feel the sharpness on the frame around the middle finger, but it doesn\'t hurt you when you shoot it.
The only unfriendly sharp Erch this gun found during the shooting was at the back edge of the chute.
Even so, I only noticed this when doing two things at the same time: riding two thumbs forward on the right
Handel\'s IPSC grabs and puts the gun on the bench at the same time.
Otherwise, the 45 th is painful. free to shoot.
As mentioned earlier, the right chief is not bad at all.
It doesn\'t hurt your hand when you realize something very important is happening.
I found Smith & Wessons to perform better in these hot weather.
45 more rounds than 1911 seconds, it occasionally breaks the sliding plug in the case of continuous use (
Hundreds of rounds. .
All in all, P is one of your wise choices. barreled .
45s is like 3 1/4 \"Chiefs special\" because the barrel rated power of 1,140 gr is 1,150 to 185 fps or sofrom 5 \".
P still runs at 1,050 to fps from a \"nose plug auto\" like this.
Smaller than the standard pressure of 185 grams.
From a complete JHPslength . 45auto.
Short with any compact
Frame battle car, you want to take your shooter\'s little finger away before you throw that fresh Magazine home, otherwise the number will be pinched, blood-Bubble orcut
How do I know?
Believe me, I know that.
Recoil torque can plague people with arthritis, poor wrists, or little experience.
45 caliber pistol
For the rest of us, shooting is easier than shooting.
Left out by the obvious edge.
Attractions can be bigger and more, and there is more space between the pillars and the points in the picture of the sights, but it\'s all fast enough.
Three visible white dots are attached to a rear front and the rear of the artificial Novak.
A single action triggers a break at 5 lbs. To 6 lb.
The range and surprisingly clean.
This double action is firm at around 12 lbs.
Pressure, but no pile, no resistance, no crawling, clean.
I noticed that at 25 yards, the first shot of each Precision Group was on the left.
I think this could be a double action pull, so I try again in single action mode, including the first time. Samething.
This was copied during the 50 feet indoor range break.
It\'s a gun, not a trigger.
Gun testers have long noticed the \"4/1 syndrome\" in which the first shot is shot to one place and the next four to another.
This is related to the battery, or the alignment of the part when the gun is in the shooting state, because in the first ddgeis hand-
Cycle into the chamber, contrary to the way the part is aligned after a critical strike in the pistol launch cycle for subsequent shooting.
This was very noticeable at the special meeting of the test supervisor. 45.
The chief of staff\'s special automatic cartridge is a carry gun and therefore a defense gun, which means reliability is the first non-negotiable priority.
There have been hundreds of rounds through cs45.
Including the ball, the traditional hollow point and high
Technology hole.
There were two failures in about 200 round CCI Blazer 200 gr. HP.
Everything else is like a charm. -
Golden point and Golden Sword, SXT and Hydra
Shok and StarFire.
Standard JHPs in Winchester (230 gr. )
Remington and the Federation (185 grain)
Not even once.
This is good news.
With the traditional hollow design ,.
45 ACPammo has been \"dependent on speed\" in history \".
\"That is, if you shoot it from your 5\" government Mode \"you get a big mushroom when you shoot it from your 41/2\" commander, the deformation will start with the bullet No. 3 with few openings.
Your officers.
A new generation of high
Tech ammo has been designed to open in the organization at a lower speed and when you open it from a short period of time you can expect
Barrel like this
Including CCI Gold Dot, ElDorado Starfire, federal Hydra-
Remington Golden Sword and Winchester SXT.
The pistol was shot with its own six guns.
A round magazine with the even-
My 4516 and 457 handguns and the shooting magazine attached to the eight handguns
Magazine for shooting 645 and 4506 pistol covers at least three S & W services.
More than 45 generations. Everything is fine.
In some other shorterframed .
45-year-old magazine
The size service gun may be speeding during heavy impact during high speed emergency reload and lock the pistol.
I try to do this special thing with the Chiefs. I couldn\'t.
Same as similarsize 4513 TSW (
Tactics Smith and Weisen)
, This pistol makes a lot of sense for the police who use the larger S & W
45 as a \"non-covert weapon\", want a smaller one.
45 manufacturing and operation with the same concealed carrying function as the Convention on specific conventional weapons license
A backup needs to be unified or hidden on duty.
This smaller S & W
Take away the big magazines.
It\'s good, so you\'re sure the magic of your other gun will be available in any case, especially in those very bad cases.
Imagine the bad guys taking all of you. size S&W .
45 You have run to cover when he tries to figure out where the safety hazard is so he can shoot you with it.
Now you draw your seven. Spare gun.
You know, you have a gun, seven in your hand, and two spare magic.
On the other side of the bin is a man with number nine.
He hasn\'t figured out how to open the shotgun yet.
I don\'t know what you all have, but I think it\'s an advantage for Smith and Weisen.
CS45 does not have to be carried \"safely--
You can put it down from a very high place or hit it with a hammer and it won\'t go out even if it\'s done in the room ---
But it can be carried like this, which is an obvious advantage of the theS & W system.
The system also includes a magazine isolation device that stops from the ignition position if the magazine does not maintain pressure on the trigger, which prevents the chamber wheel from being ignited.
I can\'t remember how a bad guy started getting the S & W car out of the good guy, so the good guy pressed the magic release button and \"killed\" the bullets in the room, when the bad guy gets the gun and tries to murder, he can\'t.
Again, I have lost the statistics of the number of cases on record, some of them
Safed auto is like a S & W away from good people, trying to kill that person or other innocent victims, but can\'t do it. These are real-
The World tactical advantage of Smith & Wessonsystem, you will think that the company will work harder than it.
Compared to many highly competitive car pistols, this is an advantage, compared to any traditional revolver, which includes the original special pistol.
The big chief is the best and the first S & W Chief Special car I tried was CS9 pistolsin 9mm.
I saw two of them.
Although they feed reliably, they can\'t get any of them to group worth either.
Not very close. of-aim, either.
You can say I mean nothing.
CS45 is a completely different variety.
My eyes, the pistol shot very low to the left.
This means that at 25 yards, if your line of sight is between the eyes of the other party, when the trigger breaks, your shot will still hit his face and may enter his brain.
I tested most of the combat rounds of this gun With did 2. 5\' to3.
5 yards from 25.
It can be said that this gun is accurate.
It also shot trueto point reasonably-of-aim/point-of-impact.
After two sloppy CS9s shots, this is a welcome compensation.
I often say excellent P90.
The 45 pistol is a way for BillRuger to compensate us for our sloppy behavior. shooting P-85 9mm.
I was wondering if CS45 was the way S & W said \"sorry\" about the poor accuracy of cs9.
I used Uncle Mike\'s nylon belt slide and a law hidden in the belt to test the butt carry of this gun.
Below 24 ozs
This is a light pistol if you are used to itthe-
The hip belt holster is very comfortable.
The short butt eliminates the bump, and even if worn under an unfolded polo shirt, the rubber surface of the hoogue handle creates a little friction with the fabric and pulls it up a bit.
This will not happen under the jacket.
When the gun is worn behind the strong side hips under a hunting shirt or light jacket, it disappears.
The short Butt also allows it to work with Uncle Mike\'s \"vest holster\", which is carried with an upright \"shoulder holster\" tied to the vest under the uniform shirt.
For years, my duty pistol has beensize S&W 4506.
If I still have that gun today-
It\'s not bothering me at all. -
A pistol like CS45 makes a lot of sense as a spare gun in a vest holster.
Remember, it needs to be complete
Magazine length 4506.
Emirates special--
When my youngest daughter was 10 years old, I gave her a 3 \"Chief Special Model 36 that used to be a detective service revolver.
At that age, every daughter of mine had a small one.
Frame, shoot high.
38 Special programs with history, customized for them with their initials.
When Justin was 11 years old, she was already eligible for 90 percentage points in the close range combat course.
Maybe we\'re just a special family of chiefs.
Special Chiefs
45 automatic didn\'t make me feel like a \"chief special\", but it didn\'t make me less ideal as a self. defense pistol. Think about it.
Seven rounds.
45, fast reload, very good accuracy, high reliability
You want to load it with techhollow points.
I remember when I brought a frame.
As my main weapon, I usually use a butt or shoulder holster.
I want to know where the hell chiefs are special when I haven\'t realized I need it yet, better suited for this kind of mission? No matter. It\'s here now.
This pistol is really good.
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