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don we now our old apparel: readers share stories of favorite garments

by:Teesso     2019-08-16
Who says our society is a one-off society?
We came back with the third part of our tribute to the old clothes. Charles M.
Carron\'s herringbone wool coat is an impulse to buy around T. 1981. I. Swartz, a high-
The end clothing store in Maryland went bankrupt for sale after 36 years of operation. “My 37-year-
\"The old coat will still cause praise and still fit, and it has a longer life span than the store I bought it,\" wrote Charles of Alexandria, Virginia . \".
The same is true of James renig\'s blue wool coat.
It was made in a country that no longer exists. Yugoslavia;
Disintegration in 1992
Buy from one of the already closed retailers: woodwald and Lowthrop;
The closure began on 1995.
James of Annapolis, Maryland wrote.
\"Since it is a classic style and a classic color, why not wear it yet?
Speaking of classics, William Tucker from Suitland, Maryland
There are still, not one, but only windbreaker for three members: brown, black and gray. Members-
The ship has its privileges.
William says he will still get a recognized look and comment when he wears 1980 jackets.
Pam Gogol goes to the gym every day wearing her lined nylon 1980 jacket. The bold, gold-
The patterned jacket used to be part of the sportswear.
Pam of Silver Spring, MD, wrote: \"The elastic cuffs have long died . \".
\"But I don\'t have to worry about using the lock because no one will steal it!
David Ballard from Va Reston.
Get a lot of miles from his collection of the oldest costumes: a 1970 polo shirt purchased in 1976.
Its orange and white stripes signal David\'s fans of the University of Texas.
\"I got my study permit in 1976 and happened to be wearing that shirt,\" he wrote . \".
\"When I went back to get my driver\'s license a year later, coincidentally, I was wearing the same shirt.
\"In the 40 years since then, David has put on the same striped shirt for each driver\'s license photo.
Olney medical doctor Sylvia Henderson\'s oldest costume
She was still wearing the hoodie she got in 1975, when she was a senior at Cheney State University.
\"In addition to proudly announcing my undergraduate alma mater, this is the best transitional jacket between cool and hot weather, water --
Insect repellent for a long time
\"Sleeve shirt,\" she wrote.
At the end of 1970, Virginia Blanco lived and worked in Spain and needed a good coat.
He chose to buy the classic Cape of Sierra Leone in Madrid.
\"Sometimes, when I was traveling, I had problems at customs because of my coat, dark beard and moustache,\" he wrote . \".
Customs officials usually pick out Vigileo for questioning.
One of the questions is: why did he travel in such a remote place?
\"The answer is, \'I don\'t know,\'\" wrote Vigilio of Columbia University, MD.
Ceecy Nucker is still wearing her birthday set: Full Set
Her sister, Mickey Goldberg, made a long red floral sling dress for her birthday on 1968.
Ceecy called the multi-purpose clothing \"Swiss military uniform \".
\"Ceecy wrote, doctor of Odenton.
: \"I wore it everywhere from camping (
As a pajamas, I can change it below)
Go see Marcel Masso at the Kennedy Center
About 30 years ago, Tom snelinger of the area bought some cardigan vests in his cold office. Tom’s co-
The workers began to call him \"sir \". Rogers.
One day, Tom was having dinner at the post office when his office needed him.
Phone: office: Hello, I need you to find Tom snelinger and ask him to answer the phone
This is an emergency.
Bartender: I don\'t know who this guy is, madam, and the place is completely packed.
Office: he looks like a gentleman. Rogers. Bartender (instantly): GOT HIM.
The sweater is still with Tom.
What about accessories?
In 1968, when John Andry came to the University of Virginia as a freshman, he quickly went to the clothing store Eljo\'s across the campus and bought a brand new outfit: a dark blue dress shirt, french cuffs, bell bottoms and belts.
His belt is still there.
Before retiring, John will tell the younger colleagues that the belt is bigger than them.
Same Year-1968 —
Jay Neil of North Potomac, Maryland
And, on seeing the window, it says, \"Are you ready for extensive contact ? \" After the sign, walked into the mall on Capitol Hill.
Jay wrote: \"I think I am.
\"He still has the regular florati. Bernardine B.
Christian from Va Leesburg
She has an \"ancient\" 1980 purple high collar shirt belonging to her late mother.
\"When I went, Mom was always happy to ask me to borrow it and finally she gave it to me,\" wrote Bernardine . \".
\"This is the softest, most comfortable thing I have.
She once gave me the best hug in the world.
It is the best choice to wear that old shirt.
\"Thanks to hundreds of readers for writing this article with the story of their favorite old clothes.
Twitter: @ johnkelly\'s previous column, please visit the Washington Post. Com/person/John-kelly.
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