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diaries of hope and hate: five days in the middle east

by:Teesso     2019-11-12
(TIME. com)--
Last week, as the Middle East rises from its dream of peace to the possibility of a revival ---
Perhaps more generally-
In the violence, times requires many people living in turmoil to write diaries every day. The reports --
The director of the Jerusalem bureau of time, Matt Reese, and Jerusalem correspondent Jamil Hamad and Aharon Klein gathered together-
It tells the story of people trying to adapt in the face of a collapsed world.
Some greet the new chaos with resignation, while others win what they think their people deserve with enthusiasm and firm enthusiasm.
All the entries are sad.
The week began with a rush summit in Egypt where President Clinton forcibly stopped verbally.
Palestinian leader Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Barak opened fire.
On Friday, fierce fighting in many disputed areas left nine Palestinians on both sides dead and at least 80 injured.
It seems that sadness may be with us for a while.
MONDAYAtara Triestman, 35, is a dance therapist living in Jerusalem with her husband Yoni, 3-year-old son amio and 18-month-old daughter Shefa.
In some ways, life seems to continue as usual, and I try to feel the power from my daily life, but the truth is that life is not normal at all.
When the riots started, I thought I \'d better store food and formula if we needed to go to the bomb shelter.
I went to buy diapers today and almost sold out--
I think that\'s what everyone thinks.
I bought two diapers in too big size.
It\'s better to have them around just in case.
We visited our friends at Elazar last night.
A moderate settlement near Jerusalem in the West Bank).
I asked my husband to call first to make sure the road was smooth and it was safe to drive there.
Elazar\'s friend said yes, but we heard this morning that the woman who was driving was stoned and was in the hospital.
It is not clear whether she will live.
I want to visit my friends this morning.
The other is settlement)
But I was too scared to go.
The road is no longer safe.
Especially if you go to the Tunnel Road in evlaite.
There are two tunnels.
If the Palestinians cut your connection between the tunnels, it\'s like a siege.
Nowhere to go.
Bethlehem is nearby and you may be lynched.
In the evening, I went to the mitzvah of my childhood friend\'s daughter.
My friend said she considered canceling the mitzvah due to all the riots but decided to give them ---the Arabs --a victory.
Two friends and I sat at a table.
The first people lived in Jifan, passing by Ramot on the edge of Jerusalem, near Ramallah.
After the lynching, she said, she moved in with three children and her mother.
She took everything that was valuable to her. -
Photos and jewelry-
She was worried that the House would be looted.
What impressed me was that the place where she lived was not a stereotypical religious settlement.
Guifan is basically secular and wealthy.
I am not an easy person to panic.
A lot of people I know are panicked, but I try to stay calm.
Maybe it\'s denial.
Still, I have begun to think about what I will bring if I need to evacuate the house.
My friend just called from the office in Jerusalem and couldn\'t go home because the road was closed.
She might be sleeping here with us.
This means that there may be stones on that road.
Danny Yadan, 55, is the chief of staff of Prime Minister ehood Barak.
He attended the summit with Barack.
On Sunday night, we stayed in our office in Jerusalem until two in the morning. m.
We must make a lot of preparations for this summit.
The Prime Minister led some of the discussions and I have to lead the discussions in preparation for the discussions of the prime minister
Ministerial level.
I returned home to Tel Aviv at three in the morning. m.
I had to wake up at 5: 15 in the morning. m.
We are at the airport.
Even on the plane, the schedule of the summit has not yet been determined.
I talked to Americans from the White House all night. U. S.
Ambassador to Israel)Martin Indyk.
We must arrange everything we have to move.
After we had a setback
Meeting with Secretary of State Arafat and Olmert
There is no feeling of anxiety in Paris.
I think we are moving in a very, very important direction, but my expectations are very low. What we use is
One-hour flight to Egypt for final preparation.
We landed and we were immediately taken to the conference center where the prime minister met with the president of Egypt (Hosni Mubarak).
It is clear that Mubarak is keen on the success of the summit.
\"We can\'t fail,\" he said . \"
\"It will have a very negative impact.
The second meeting was held with King Abdullah. of Jordan).
Prime Minister Barak and King Abdullah had a very good chemistry.
They talk to each other in a very frank way and trust each other very much.
You see, they know.
There is an understanding that with Jordan we will get a positive result.
Between the two meetings, I took this opportunity to meet with my good friend, Omar Suleiman, head of security in Egypt, and Sam battiki, head of security in Jordan.
They are very, very effective.
Everyone knows good things very quickly, so I don\'t think they used to be my enemy.
After dinner, as we walked towards the evening, the impression that it was beginning to pop was that it would end negatively.
But I must say that I have always intuitively thought that the summit would end in a positive way.
Even though we didn\'t get what was actually signed, it became clear.
We talked about the presidential statement at the end of Monday.
The Americans say it will have the same effect as the signed documents, because the two sides must fulfill their commitments.
Moriah Shlomo, 31, is the head of Israel\'s largest peace organization, Peace Now.
She lives in Tel Aviv with her 1/2-year-old daughter, Tamar, and her partner actor, Chen Yalong. 6:01 a. m.
I\'m in the car alone. I am driving.
There was a masked man in front of me who shot in my direction.
The windshield was broken.
The bullet will hit me soon.
Why didn\'t this guy see the peace sticker on my car? I wake up. I am alive. I am in bed.
I don\'t usually have such a realistic dream. 8:01.
I haven\'t been out yet.
I haven\'t finished the house yet.
I have no choice what to wear.
It\'s warm for me. 9:01.
At the traffic light, I honked at the person in front, and he honked at the person in front.
A friend called from Gaza.
We were very pleasant and polite for a while.
Then the debate began.
We are more friends than enemies.
Friendship in siege1:01 p. m.
I went out and loaded the truck with signs to be delivered to Jerusalem.
On the signs of Arabic and Hebrew, it says yes to coexistence and no to violence \".
Black bled on red because of the rush of printing.
I have to bring Tamar\'s chair to her class.
I haven\'t eaten yet. 2:01.
Setting has changed near the airport. Clouds. Lightning. Thunder.
I\'m wearing a short pink vest.
The editor of my born Kibbutz Bar Am local newspaper called me to ask for an interview on my situation.
Oh man, this is the case.
I like to talk about this situation.
There was a terrible hail and I screamed on the phone.
I can\'t hear it myself.
I can\'t see anything.
When Barack was at Camp David about three months ago, we thought we had won.
Our struggle for peace is nearing success.
All this will happen in our lifetime, and this is an opportunity, a future. 8:01.
After Tamar had gone to bed, I got home.
There is no peace, and above all, I am a bad mother.
TUESDAYSheik Jamal Tawil, 40, is the imam of the Beituniya mosque in the Ramallah area of the West Bank.
In the name of a merciful God, a compassionate person.
I woke up at dawn.
I took a shower before praying.
I was about to go to the mosque to pray.
My wife advised me not to go.
Beard (
Israeli secret forces disguised as Arabs)
Into our neighborhood.
We pray at home.
I turned on the TV.
Ta\'s Psagot said there was a conflict near the settlement of Mount Tawil (
Jewish settlement.
The children woke up.
I want to take them to school.
I gave my son Abdullah his pocket money. We left.
My other son came to tell me that the city of Ramallah was closed.
Teachers and most students cannot go home. We went back.
At noon, I prayed at the mosque.
After the prayer is over, the parade begins, passing through the city of Ramallah and al-Bireh.
Protesters condemn Sharm El SheikhSheikh accord.
The protesters reached the line of confrontation.
The occupying soldiers attacked them.
We hear young people asking for help.
We heard no gunfire.
Israeli soldiers used guns with silencers.
We couldn\'t do it later.
Pray at the mosque in the afternoon, so we pray in the open air.
We tried to avoid being shot by snipers at the City Inn hotel and the building next to it.
After sunset, the atmosphere of tranquility prevailed.
We went to the mosque for evening prayers.
Then we went to see the wounded.
Government hospitals are crowded.
The hospital authority announced the death of Ismail shamlach.
He is from the Gaza Strip.
A few months ago, he went to work in the West Bank with his brother.
He was unable to see his pregnant wife who had stayed in Gaza.
His son will be born as an orphan.
The mourners came to pay tribute to his brother.
\"You should come and congratulate me,\" he said . \"
\"My brother wants to be a martyr.
\"Danny yatomeng, in the evening, I slept on the sofa in the Premier Suite for 15 minutes.
The Prime Minister walked into the bedroom.
He and his personal assistant, Eldad Yaniv, each sat on a sofa.
Then we got a call to meet with President Clinton at four in the morning. m. Tuesday.
We learned for the first time that there will be a deal.
We had to travel to and from the hotel from the conference center where the meeting was held.
Every time we come back, Egyptian security personnel always check us very, very closely.
What really frustrated me was that when they checked us, I saw the Palestinians walking back and forth without anyone checking.
I feel very sad about this because I have a badge as a member of the delegation.
It happened that I had to go with my briefcase, a brown leather case.
I don\'t allow them to open it.
\"This is a briefcase with all the documents from the Israeli prime minister, and I won\'t let you open it,\" I told them . \".
It took me some time to convince them.
They had to go to the senior security guard, but finally let me pass. This was 4 a. m. I felt tired.
I felt very bad and very tired for a few hours.
But I got over it.
As a result, when we flew back in the afternoon, we couldn\'t even remember the departure.
I fell asleep on the plane right away and when we landed in Ben guriane they could barely wake me up (
Airports near Tel Aviv).
But only one hour.
Then we came to the Defense Department at 5 in the evening. m.
The Prime Minister discussed how to implement Sharm el-Sheikh
Sheikh agreement.
I had to stay in the office until 11 in the evening. m.
I have to coordinate a lot of things.
We have done all these things, but it\'s not just up to us.
If the Palestinians do not fulfill their commitments in the way we carry them out, then on Friday night we may find this sentence great, but the implementation failed.
Colonel Noam Tibon, 38, is the commander of the Israeli army Hebron brigade, which is stationed in the West Bank town of Hebron, with a total of 2,000 soldiers. Six a. m.
Hebron was surrounded in the morning.
I hear his prayer every morning.
The latest report from the summit proved a night full of crisis, lack of confidence and uncertainty, which directly affected what is happening in the city.
Hebron is the only Jewish and Samaritan city where Jews and Palestinians live together, where a city full of contrasts and extremes has seen another day of confrontation.
After the morning report of the summit, I was preoccupied with the question of whether the Palestinians really wanted peace and whether they were in a position to control the streets.
I think of Abu Ramsey, the commander of the Palestinian brigade here, who is a proud and upright man.
The instructions he received put him in an impossible position and he was forced to allow Tanzanian activists to shoot at IDF positions and Jewish communities.
He couldn\'t look me in the eye the last time we met.
It is so difficult to build trust between enemies, and it is so easy to break trust.
Start in the morning like every other morning and review the evening activities.
My father called while we were evaluating the situation. My 70-year-
The old parents living in kibbutz were very worried and anxious about the situation in Israel.
They went through all the wars here, but they kept dreaming of peace for my children, their grandchildren.
Dealing with riots requires a high level of expertise and constant weighing of personal value for our soldiers.
On the face of it, the confrontation between soldiers holding weapons and stone-throwing Palestinian youth seems to favor the army.
The soldier\'s dilemma is between the orders he received, and the main principle of the orders is restraint and humanity, with thousands of mobs throwing stones and Molotov bottles at him, creating a feeling of fear.
For a long time, soldiers must remain calm and see his values as human and soldier in front of him.
It is gratifying that, due to precise preparation and restraint instructions during the event, none of the Palestinian youths in the sector who threw stones were killed.
I called the company commander in the afternoon.
They\'re in the middle of them.
In their 20 s, idealism, cleverness, and determination of their beliefs, it is a pleasure to have this opportunity to meet.
There is no doubt that my morale and readiness are high.
At the end of the meeting, the commanders rushed back to their department because, with the darkness coming, the Tanzanian began to shoot at cars, army positions and houses. At 9 p. m.
I went to the biggest Kiryat Arba (Jewish)
My city, talking to new immigrants from Russia.
The audience is made up of people who come to our country and find themselves in a reality that is strange to them.
In order to remove tensions, I first discussed Tolstoy\'s War and Peace, which describes the Russian people\'s war against the invasion of Napoleon.
In our small country, we have no vast space to retreat from Moscow.
The tense atmosphere was broken and the audience listened to what I said and the sentence was translated into Russian.
At midnight, all brigade commanders in the area were called.
During the conversation, the commander told us the details of the ceasefire. fire agreement.
In the middle of the conversation, I received reports of shooting at the Jewish community in Hebron.
It seems that the agreement does not apply to Hebron at the moment. At 2 a. m.
The gunshots stopped.
It\'s time to give the final order. it\'s time to sleep.
Yasser Arafat\'s chief negotiator and Minister of Local Government, elacat, Wednesday.
He lives in Jericho.
I was really surprised when I was nine this morning. year-
The old son Mohammed began to enter Palestine firmly.
Israeli politics: he asked me why Mohammed Al\'s fatherDurra, the 12-year-
The old boy killed in Gaza could not protect his son from Israeli bullets. Why did (the Israelis)kill him?
My family asked me questions these days.
My 18-year-old daughter Dalal asked me that her friend Asil was from (
Peace organizations involving Israeli and Palestinian children)
Also the seeds of peace killed by Israelis.
I was also asked when the Israelis would lift the blockade and siege.
When will the airport open?
All of these questions come down to one, and put to me in language and body language: Is this the peace that you have created for us?
I have my own problem.
Why are the Israelis stationed here? Why tanks?
Why can\'t they lift the siege and remove soldiers and tanks from the entrance to Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps?
I asked US ambassador Dennis rose. S.
Middle East peace coordinator, all these issues.
The more questions I ask, the more I will answer.
The farmers of jerichoko asked to meet with me.
I know the impact of the siege on these farmers: they can\'t sell vegetables outside of Jericho.
Most of their crops are still not grown.
I met with the tourist department, hotel and restaurant owners in Jericho section.
No one shall enter or leave the Jericho section.
All hotels, restaurants, cable cars to the allure Hills and the Palace of Hisham are closed.
It was a disaster for me.
These people voted for me.
I am their representative on the Palestinian Legislative Council.
The pressure is really high. It was 4 a. m.
When I got home
My wife name\'ah was waiting for me and was very upset with me.
She yelled at me in every direction.
I did not respond.
I have been looking into her eyes.
She was both worried and confused.
Then name\'ah asked me very gently if I was hungry.
We can\'t defend ourselves.
We don\'t have army, navy and air force.
Our agreement with Israel prevented us from doing so.
Why are they doing something like this?
Soldiers, isn\'t there enough tanks?
We have killed more than 100 Palestinians and wounded about 3,000.
The Palestinians are very angry about this development.
I recall last week.
Then, without any prior warning, the young man of Jericho Ko was on his way to the \"peace to Israel\" synagogue of the city by torch relay, modern architecture built on the 7 th century Byzantine mosaic floor depicting Jewish symbols.
The synagogue was completely under Palestinian control.
I always use it as an example of the need for Palestinians and Israelis to live together.
I got to that place.
There are hundreds of people in the crowd.
Palestinian security commander jerichoko stood in the middle with about 50 police officers in an effort to push the crowd back.
I stood next to him, stretched out my arms and began to shout to the crowd, \"Don\'t do this, you can\'t do this!
They called back, \"they\'re going to kill us ! \"
They are destroying us!
They don\'t want peace!
We want them out! Go home!
They don\'t want peace! \"I tried it again. \"Please stop!
This is crazy.
Please, we can\'t do that!
Suddenly they stopped and began to leave.
I was really surprised.
The damage to the building is moderate.
The mosaic floor is intact.
I asked to see Mayor jerichoko.
\"Please,\" I told him, \"I want you to start fixing the damage immediately. Please, Mr.
\"Thank you very much, mayor,\" I said.
Less than an hour later, Israeli helicopters began firing missiles at Jericho.
The missile hit the police warehouse where thousands of uniforms were stored.
The real impact of these mistakes on the warehouse is not great.
This time, my son Mohammed shook with horror after the explosion and asked me, \"Is this the peace you created for us ? \"?
He cried in my arms.
His tears were more devastating to me than the Israeli missiles.
This is the main reason for the peace process, for the future generations of Palestinians and Israelis.
I don\'t want Mohammed to go through what I went through in 1967.
I want him to have a choice.
My soul is looking for answers
I\'m confused.
I doubt it.
THURSDAYKiyan Khaled al-
Sayfi, 16, is a Palestinian female student from the Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem.
She studied at a school in a camp run by the United States. N.
Relief and Works Agency.
The sun rises and a new day begins.
Its golden beams are mixed with the breeze, making the branches of the tree move.
The sound of the wind blowing on the leaves is beautiful.
I have a feeling of peace.
I woke up at 6 in the morning. m.
Unlike other days, welcome a new day, a quiet day, a happy day.
But it will not be a happy day in my opinion.
We will get the same bad news.
I picked up my schoolbag and went to school.
I have no strong desire to learn.
I expect to be killed at any time by a stray bullet from an Israeli soldier.
I looked at my house.
I stare at all the attractions I used to sit or play at, because this is the last time I saw them.
This is a terrible feeling.
A classmate called me.
We discussed our career on our way to school.
Everything in the school is the same: the same teachers, the same students, textbooks, blackboards.
We began our day reading poems for Palestine.
In the first lesson, the bell of the science class rang.
The teacher came in.
She began to talk.
I\'m not listening.
I think of our martyrs and the wounded.
I thought of 13-year-
An old child who became a martyr
How sad is his mother?
I am proud of him.
He\'s from my area.
He was killed on his way home.
What\'s the use of what he learned? He was killed.
Does he know that he should not prepare his homework because the bullet will kill him?
This is an evil bullet fired by an evil soldier.
I stare at our teacher.
I am one of her best students.
But now I don\'t care about this lesson.
Learning is no longer important in our life.
After the study, we went to visit the family of a martyr to provide support.
As we march, we shout, \"Rest in peace, martyrs, in your grave;
We will continue to work hard.
We sacrifice our souls and blood for martyrs and Palestine.
The martyr was a tall man. Speed Bullet.
It penetrated his chest.
Another bullet penetrated his arm. He was 18.
His mother sat on the ground. She was crying.
Her wrinkled face was furious.
I kissed her face and hands.
Atara TriestmanI try not to imagine the worst, though sometimes I seem to be surrounded by people who can\'t help but be afraid.
My husband, Yoni, is scared.
He saw Arab politicians and Muslim clergy inciting Muslims to oppose Jews everywhere, saying that Jews should be subjected to violence and acknowledging that killing Jews was a heroic mission.
Today, he said he saw the jihadist spreading and that he could not look into the eyes of an Arab without knowing if he could act like a mob who had lynched soldiers in Ramallah.
FRIDAYQais Adwan is the president of An-Student Union
University of Najie in Nablus
He is a member of the Islamic Palestinian militant group Hamas.
Before sunrise, the young people in the dormitory were ready for dawn prayer.
Some people go back to bed and others start to study until 7. m.
I go to the campus to do the usual things I do every day.
God authorized me to help the students.
But on this typical day, I\'m still thinking about the day two weeks ago.
This is a special day in my life, a unique day.
I have a special fear and omen.
We decided to organize a parade to protest the entry of criminals. Ariel)Sharon to al-Aqsa Mosque.
After dawn, I began to read the Quran.
The light of the Sun weaves a special martyrdom.
The Sun told us: \"You have a date with martyrdom.
Muslims believe in fate.
Death and Life are determined by God.
I read the verse about martyrdom.
My heart is full of a special feeling.
It\'s great to be a martyr.
Martyrs rank high in heaven.
There was tension on campus.
The student union declared a day of mourning.
Delegates from all student groups were asked to hold a meeting to discuss these events and decide what to do.
We decided to pray for the martyrs.
We contacted chief Bitawi (
Hamas leader in Nablus)
And ask him to pray.
A large number of students gathered in the yard.
We started shouting, \"God is the greatest!
\"I asked the students to wash their faces and wash their hands before praying.
After the prayer was over, the students shouted again: \"God is the greatest!
\"I looked at the faces of these young people and thought something serious would happen.
It will be a different parade.
After the speech, thousands of students left the campus.
This is the biggest parade I \'ve ever seen in.
University of Najie
We walked five or six kilometers firmly.
We vowed to sacrifice our lives and blood for Al. Aqsa.
Hundreds of demonstrators rushed to the front line to clash with soldiers.
I can\'t forget these moments.
The shooting of Israeli soldiers was fierce.
Like a battlefield.
Our faith is our weapon against soldiers and occupi.
Two young men standing next to me were injured.
The number of casualties exceeded expectations.
I received a phone call from Rafidiyah hospital and I was told that my 21-year-old roommate, Zakariya Kilani, was one of the martyrs.
He\'s been with me for two years.
He\'s my brother and my friend. He was my body.
I can\'t believe Zakaria is dead.
I lost my dearest friend.
This is the command of God.
He told me at the mosque that he wanted to die as a martyr.
I was unable to attend his funeral in Siris due to military barricades.
Many casualties arrived at the hospital.
Five Martyrs.
The young man shouted, \"God is the greatest!
\"Whenever they see the martyrs.
Young people become more determined for al-
Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem
Heaven opened the door for the martyrs.
But to be honest, I was shocked when Zakaria became a martyr.
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