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designer tory burch brings luxury lifestyle brand to first canadian boutique

by:Teesso     2019-08-13
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Toronto, Canada-
American designer Tory Birch opened her first independent store in Canada, bringing her a passion for bold, rich hues north of printmaking and the border.
The arrival of luxury lifestyle brands in their exclusive space is accompanied by the continuous development of the United States. S.
And recently established international companies. and-
Mortar base in CanadaThe 232-square-
The Metre boutique opened on Friday at Toronto\'s Oakdale Mall.
Location will be ready-to-
Shoes, handbags, glasses, jewelry and small leather goods.
The general price range for accessories starts at $45 for the iPhone case, and the price range for clothing starts at $100 for Lidia polo shirts.
The price of shoes ranges from $60 to $360.
It\'s less than ten years from New York.
American-based designers have launched her lifestyle brand, with media experts Oprah Winfrey and Oscar winners gwynys Paltrow, Hillary si among their famous fans
In the charity work carried out through the foundation of the same name, Burch sought support for the economic empowerment of women and families, including grants and microfinance for women entrepreneurs.
Although there is no special email
The business website of Canada, the company will start from www. toryburch.
At the end of May.
In an email to Canadian media, Burch discusses the brand, the decision to go north, and the next store she wants to be in Canada.
For some Canadians, New boutiques can serve as an introduction to you and your brand.
How do you define what Tory birch stands for or what women you are creating look?
From day one, we have introduced the concept of luxury lifestyle at a much easier price to get.
Our aesthetic is rooted in classic sportswear and eclectic sensibility.
Why did you decide that it was time to open in Canada?
Has the plan been brewing for a long time?
What is the specific Canadian market that attracts you?
It\'s been a while since our econo Dale boutique, but it took us time to find the right space and wait patiently until it came out.
We have always been attracted by the culture and people of Canada.
Customers are smart, fashionable and like fashion.
Is there any plan for further expansion in Canada in the near future?
If so, do you have a specific website?
We hope to open boutiques in Calgary and Vancouver, but we are still working on the details.
Given the ups and downs of the economy in recent years, do you have any concerns about the expansion at this particular point in time, or are consumers likely to reduce the size of their purchases of luxury goods?
We have been paying attention-
What happened to the local economy.
You never know what\'s going to happen, but we think we\'re fine.
Located in Canada, we strive to provide beautiful and healthy services
Make things that don\'t cost a lot of money.
We have seen women embrace our series through our partner, Holt Renfrew, and we hope our brand influence will strengthen with the new retail boutiques. You\'re well-
Known for your charity partnership.
Since you have a storefront here, is there any plan to do something similar to that of the Canadian organization?
We have always been interested in exploring partnerships with organizations that align with our vision.
In fact, we have worked with FEED and Holt Renfrew to produce a tote bag in favor of the Tory Birch Foundation and FEED, and we hope to have more charitable collaborations in the future.
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