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delight as wills and kate reveal baby joy.

by:Teesso     2019-09-13
Yesterday, James Palace announced that Tony Jones, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will have a baby.
Yesterday afternoon, when William and Kate told the world that they would be parents for the first time, speculation about the months of royal pregnancy was over.
But the announcement also showed the Duchess was treated for severe morning sickness.
In a private hospital
The Duke had been by her side since she was taken by car to King Edward VII Hospital earlier today.
She is expected to stay for a few more days.
In his speech, British Prime Minister David Cameron said: \"This is absolutely good news and I am happy for them.
I\'m sure they will be very good parents and I\'m sure everyone across the country will celebrate with them tonight.
\"The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, and members of both families are delighted with the news,\" said St. James palaksboksman.
When William and Kate first came to Cambridge last week as a married couple, the baby was the subject of conversation.
Duke, anRAF search and rescue pilot, from Samantha Hill, Suffolk, 27, got a little baby climbing suit made by wellwiseher Samantha, a photo of a helicopter and \"Dad\'s littleco-pilot\".
When Kate met the 35-year-old Tessa Davis from Cambridge, the baby theme was still going on and she gave her son 5-month-
Old James brought him to the royal couple in honor of the Duke.
When the royal couple realize they are pregnant, the Palace of St. James will not say, just say \"recently \".
It is understood that the pregnancy has not been 12-
The Duchess point and the announcement were prompted by the Duchess\'s medical condition.
For women with severe vomiting, vomiting is very serious and they are unable to keep food or liquid low.
This usually lasts until the first three months of pregnancy and will last until 21 weeks, but it may also last longer.
The Palace of St. James said in a statement: \"The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry, and members of both families, are pleased with the news.
\"The Duchess was taken to King Edward Hospital in central London this afternoon for vomiting.
As pregnancy is in its early stages, His Highness is expected to be in hospital for a few days and it will take a period of rest thereafter.
\"The Duke and Duchess made no secret of their desire to start with the family, and on September, during a Diamond Jubilee visit to Singapore, the Duke revealed that he wanted to have two children.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, who married a royal couple at Westminster Abbey in last April, said: \"The whole country wants to join in celebrating the good news.
\"We wish the Duchess a healthy and happy month.
William\'s uncle, Earl Spencer, also welcomed the announcement, saying in a statement: \"It\'s good news and I\'m excited for both of them.
\"The child could have been Duke\'s mother and Earl\'s sister, Princess of Wales, Diana\'s first grandson.
Harry, who served in Afghanistan, is an Apache helicopter.
The BBC reported that the pilot gunners were told the good news in an email.
Kate visited her old prep school on Friday afternoon, her last public engagement.
She looked good, had lunch at Berkshire\'s St Andrew School, and during a two-hour visit she had lunch with students and staff.
As a result, her condition may develop over the weekend, and after seeking medical advice, she is likely to be taken to hospital this afternoon.
A spokeswoman for St. Andrew\'s Hospital
Kate wore Alexander McQueen\'s gown and three-inch-highcalf-length boots -
Said they had no idea what she was expecting.
Vomiting can be serious, but Kate is driving to Edward VII hospital, not an ambulance.
The Duchess set out from Berkshire buckbury, where her parents Michael and Carol Middleton live, and people thought she had spent the weekend with them.
The Queen\'s former gynecologist, MarcusSetchell, reportedly sent two children from Wessex to the hospital to visit Kate.
The Duchess has a lot of activities this week, including visiting London\'s Docklands on Wednesday, holding a charity fundraising meeting in the broker\'s trading hall, but they are all surrounded, St. James Palace said.
The sex of the baby is not known yet, but whatever the name the royal couple takes for their first child, this can lead to a trend.
William Hill, the banker, said the favorite names were Francis and John, both at 9/1 and Charles, Victoria and George at 10/1.
The news marks a new beginning of the monarchy. The children of the Duke and wife of Cambridge were hailed by a royal commentator as the \"new beginning\" of the monarchy \".
English editor-in-chiefin-
The children of William and Kate will symbolize the future of the company.
\"This is very important for the monarchy.
That\'s the way forward, \"MS Seward said.
\"This is the first child, and he will be the heir to Thrace no matter what gender they are.
This is a new beginning.
\"I think it\'s great,\" she added . \"
They must be very, very happy about it.
\"It was the culmination of an amazing year and what Katereally wanted --
Pregnant in the Jubilee.
She added that the announcement ended speculation about when the couple had children.
MS Seward says pregnancy is a boost for the country.
\"People like weddings, and they like babies.
This is a happy thing.
On last October, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that 16 countries in the Commonwealth agreed to grant female royal family members the same inheritance rights as their brothers.
\"To put it simply, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen,\" Cameron said at the time.
Under the rules of ancient male ancestors
The royal daughter, directly connected to the throne, was surpassed by their young brothers and sisters.
Members of the Royal family tried to control the way the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their pregnancy, indicating the couple\'s desire to control the pregnancy.
Although Kate was less than 12 weeks pregnant, St. James\'s Palace did not face news of Kate\'s hospital leak and a series of speculation, but took unusual steps to reveal the pregnancy.
The press conference of William and Kate was released at 4: 00.
At one o\'clock P. M. , the news was added to Clarence House\'s Twitter, making the baby the first future King or Queen of England.
David Cameron, Britain\'s prime minister, was warned in advance, but only.
\"I received a note and attended a meeting where I was having a meeting.
\"I found it difficult to leave it to myself,\" he said . \". CAPTION(S)
Joy: Princess Elizabeth
Later Queen Elizabeth II.
Her son, the Prince of Wales.
Flashback: Prince and Princess of Wales and their new son Prince William.
Announcement: The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to be hospitalized in the hospital for several days.
Samantha Hill dress suit.
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