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cycling in the land of mickey mao

by:Teesso     2019-09-06
At Manuel\'s suggestion, I put his four
Storey Fawlty Towers hotel, walking past the hard seat cafe next door, rented a free machine bike and had an early breakfast at the California Hotel near West Street.
Given that this is rural China, the name of the street seems appropriate: Kenny G musak plays on the speakers above, and Minnie Mao\'s Bar and Grill are served across the driveway
It all seems strange.
In Yangshou town-
In a dramatic compass movement
There are signs that the East is pointing to the West.
Now behind me is a 500 km-kilometer trip inland.
Then take a boat from Hong Kong by bus to the small city on the Li River in Guangxi.
In front of me, there are a few days of easy road bikes and two leisurely boat trips, all dotted with landscapes around Yangshou in the karst mountains, which have been Chinese water for thousands of years
I told myself I would buy some peanuts and fruit and explore --
Bike or boat ride
Some of the world\'s most exotic scenery.
Every morning, I leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind me and soon find myself riding alone in Harrow --
Pull Buffalo, pull the efforts of farmers.
Some paddy fields.
Stretching for several kilometers
I have already eaten with Spring Rice.
These waters are inevitably perpendicular to thousands of people in the area.
The limestone peaks standing on one side protrude into the morning mist and are reflected in the liquid landscape.
With the map in my hand, I walked along the unmarked dirt road to the red tile in the distance --
A village with a roof, usually gathered at the bottom of a peak of the train. School-
\"Hello! Hello!
And their talent in English.
I replied \"Ni o in Chinese!
The children collapsed in the reversal of language. More “Hello”s;
As I walked away, more \"Ni o\" was chased by the laughing children. The sun climbs.
Farmers suspended their horses in the middle
Nod in greetings.
Keep moving on the road.
It\'s like I got into the past by bike. Gone is post-
The ironic deception/worship of Western things in modern life. A duck-
Hull and his 200 companions approached and I stopped the car and asked them to work --
The crew are moving on in some new places. harrowed field.
An old woman sat on the shoulder of a Confucius statue sitting in her seat;
Both her eyes and the stone-like eyes were thoughtfully closed and did not seem to notice the buffalo\'s neck --
In a nearby pond.
A man holds a bamboo raft through a shallow water area.
Another uses a mallet and a chisel to engrave an encomium on the tombstone.
Live in a small key.
I went to 50 Mountains by bike that day.
In less than a few kilometers, sitting at a table in the Sun Life restaurant on Earth at night, holding a bottle of quart Cold Spring Beer, thinking: this is the most exquisite car I have ever ridden.
I went to the store the next morning as a probation for the effort --lined West St.
Where Touts provides dogs
The little red book of Mao or the ear book of Mickey Mao T-shirt
Show the former Chinese leader wearing a Mouse shirteared cap.
Nothing is sacred in China, nothing can be sold.
However, my destination is the seaside of the town, where the small river boats are often 6-
Upstream hour cruise
Drive a car in one of China\'s most spectacular karst peaks.
The Lijiang River has the color of pea soup. But the blue-
The cowboy land north of Xingping village nearby is extraordinary.
Hundreds of tapered mountains, mostly half
A kilometer to a high, crowded river bank.
Thousands of people beyond-
Disappeared farthest in the distance until they were as short as smoke.
The legend is full of the most unreal forms, such as Mount Kuma or eight supernatural creatures crossing the river.
Every once in a while, from the river, a tourist destination in Guilin north of 70 km, there is a ridiculous tourist river barge --
Like the fantasy of escaping from Las Vegas or Disneyland.
Some of them look like huge windows.
The Taj Mahal is filled with all kinds of Christmas lights, some of which are floating pagodas hanging above.
Some of them are smooth silver.
Water-like 747
I find myself as eager as the mountains to study these architectural monsters.
At the dusk of my last night in Yangshou, I rambled again to the riverside pier, boarded a smaller boat, put myself on the roof, and witnessed the history of the area --
Fishing in the traditional lobster.
As the water flows downstream below the green lotus peak, the boats are quickly connected by several shallow dugouts, each of which is rowed by local fishermen, each with a dozen well-trained morants, perched on the gun nels with sinister intentions.
They lit the lanterns on the ship\'s head.
In less than a minute, The morants went down, and a fish in the throat quickly returned.
The birds were stopped by rings around their necks from swallowing their catch, they were dragged out of the water by the breeder, and were not ceremoniously killed, and the fish were taken from their gullets.
The next morning I left Yangshou with my nose facing the window of the bus.
In some places, robed monks still occupy much of the cave on the edge of the cliff.
Much higher than the hierarchical pagoda of secular affairs.
But elsewhere, with past and future collisions, people with sledgehammers are slowly crushing some strange mountains into lime, an important part of modern Chinese concrete towers.
There are various ferries, hoverboards and jets every day.
Ships departing from Hong Kong\'s Causeway Bay to the coast of Guangzhou (Canton)
Or to Wuzhou, 270 km inland.
Every day from Guangzhou, from Wuzhou to Yangshou, a rural area 500 km northwest of Hong Kong, there are many buses.
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