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Customized t-shirts should choose what kind of printing process

by:Teesso     2020-04-06
Every year, there are many custom personality T-shirt, whether it's own design pattern, or have a special design, these patterns printed on clothes, by what process is not uniform. Some pattern can be used to screen and some design can use pyrograph, and some can use embroidery, so specific to a kind of technology with the clothes, want to see you is what kind of printing patterns, not any pattern can literally print. Perhaps some people will ask, what kind of printing process is the best? Silk screen printing in fact this is not a good standard, generally t-shirts, as well as an article of clothing, for wearing may represent a position, an advertising effect and even memorial, if you have enough quantity, printing logo is very simple, silk screen is the best choice. If the design is very complicated, silk screen, you can also use pyrograph, pyrograph is several inside, generally common for ordinary pyrograph, another for his pyrograph, ordinary pyrograph, usually add background, clothes is what color, the logo will be combined with about the same color of the stroke color with clothes. Many people may ask, why do you want to add the stroke color? Do not add stroke? Pyrograph technology adopted for ordinary pyrograph paper, printing machine is not the same, after the print pattern, also need to walk in carving machine again, can be printed on clothes. And his pyrograph is printed directly, but the amount is more, otherwise the version is very expensive, so relatively speaking, ordinary pyrograph is suitable for a small amount of, his pyrograph is suitable for a lot of. Embroidery also have certain requirements for design, gradient is certainly not embroidery, color also embroidered not overly complex pattern.
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