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Customized t-shirts commonly used material is what

by:Teesso     2020-04-16
Teesso small classroom classes! Through the interpretation of a few times before, we know the shirt.com.cn/t-shirt' target='_blank'>T-shirt customization of pure cotton fabric, polyester cotton fabric. To explain all is today, t-shirts custom lycra fabric. This is also a T-shirt customization, a kind of very common. What is lycra fabric? What's special about it? Please look at together. A, what is lycra fabric: lycra fabric is made of polyurethane fiber fabrics, leica also known as spandex. Second, lycra fabric characteristics: 1, elastic relaxed, comfortable and durable. High elastic should arguably the biggest characteristic of lycra fabric, it is of very good tensile properties, relax and then can soon return to original state, can scale easily. Like candy there is love, right? 2, good dimensional stability, easy to take a reason. Responding to T-shirt will make us feel awkward, usually from the washing to dry and then to save, there are a lot of caveats. 3, hygroscopic and quick drying, feel is smooth. Leica T-shirt fabric of moisture absorption is also very good, made clothes, it can make people are more comfortable to wear, feels nice. 4, cloth smooth, good wrinkle resistance. Put on your T-shirt made of lycra fabric, buckling is completely unnecessary worry will be produced, because of its special material determines the wrinkle resistance is one of the characteristics of lycra. 5, the fabric is soft and crisp, good drapability. Because have such features, lycra fabric are more suitable for producing all kinds of coat, let clothes elegant and out of shape not easily. Give full play to its characteristics. * special fabrics, automatically, without wind gone with the wind. T-shirts of custom lycra fabric is what? Above is Beijing Teesso lycra fabric features, the hope can help you! Teesso, customized for you want a T-shirt.
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