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by:Teesso     2020-04-18
Many companies made for employees unified polo guanggu shan, the consistency of the polo guanggu shan is for the sake of enterprise cohesion, can also be understood as to show the enterprise culture, these are those who compare with the strength of enterprises. With the development and progress of the society, more and more enterprises put into its own cultural characteristics in guanggu shan, and many large and small companies are pursuing clothing unity of employees, it is a very common phenomenon of enterprise, is a characteristic of the era of progress. The polo shirt order t-shirts average per person a few pieces of polo guanggu shan? Polo shirt custom t-shirts average per person a few: first of all, the choice of enterprise guanggu shan category, according to the different gender, size, nature of work, work colleagues are divided into dozens of categories, such as different customer groups will have different enterprise guanggu shan customized requirements, enterprise guanggu shan fashion is the same with its seasonal feeling is very strong, so the order should be considered when a company guanggu shan to the use of seasonal change. Usually has a strong strength of enterprises, can be made for employees to enterprise guanggu shan, is usually divided into two seasonal, in both spring and summer and autumn winter, each season, respectively, two sets of the most appropriate, then during transitional seasons, provide a replacement set of enterprise guanggu shan, more so, guanggu shan is the right to prepare 6 sets of each enterprise. Enterprise guanggu shan using environment is different, so according to different regions of the enterprise unit, guanggu shan order quantity will be some difference, some characteristics of the seasonal change, such as the south is mostly in the spring and autumn there is no obvious characteristics, seem to be very short, so the staff in these places use enterprise guanggu shan, can according to the above said to prepare 4 - each year Guanggu shan 6 sets of enterprises. While some of the four seasons climate differences, such as the northern strong city, you may need to distinguish between depending on the professional, so, not other act the role ofing is tasted, company need for employees guanggu shan 8 sets a year per person, is right. Guanggu shan not only is this employee occupational protection tools, also the humanized embodiment of enterprise, respect for employees' career and love, is also a form for each employee welfare, so the enterprise should according to the actual working environment and seasonal enterprise guanggu shan is decreasing for employees. Enterprises tailored guanggu shan, not blindly save procurement cost, ignore the employee's own demand, this will not only lose the centripetal force of employees, also can let employees complain about emotions, but reduce the efficiency and even affect the operation of the enterprise.
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