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Customized guanggu shan: how to choose cloth

by:Teesso     2020-05-02
Some of the thickness of the round collar guanggu shan cloth feels good, smooth finish, this is how do you see? Aiming at this problem, Teesso detailed made the following several aspects of the interpretation. Some of the thickness of the round collar guanggu shan cloth feels good, bright and clean degree, finishing the packing is beautiful. Low price, but you must look at the size of guanggu shan. Some bad factories to reduce costs, the lower the price. Guanggu shan some cotton fabric is not thick, but the feeling is good. The price is very cheap, the price is only a few yuan/piece. This guanggu shan specification is not standard, for disposable clothing, after launching a large, narrow and easy to wrinkle. Good cloth round collar guanggu shan, size specification, the price also very cheap. Like to see size is relatively large in English. Just know the goods is shifted. This kind of goods is usually have quality problem and customer does not accept the goods backlog of products. Export factories put one to two years later, in order to deal with the goods into cash, is far less than the cost price, selling piles. In some factories do sell again after recycling, profit space is quite large. Because of the large amount of goods, generally has tens of thousands of pieces, to two to three years to finish pin. After such a long time to deposit, 80% of goods smell is heavy, some yellow. Wear in the body of human body skin damage. Above is the related contents of introduction of Teesso, continue to focus on Teesso, there are more surprises waiting for you.
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