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Customize the collar process

by:Teesso     2020-04-11
The collar of your shirt sewing is a process trival, high operating proficiency required of sewing. The collar of your shirt sewing needle activity analysis and optimize the main research is on the collar of your shirt sewing activities of all action, the action of the operator, to find and improve the invalid action or waste phenomenon, so as to conserve energy, time saving, safe and economic operation method, eventually improve the working efficiency. You are below explain its process analysis: 1, summary of process analysis, process analysis is based on products or parts processing manufacturing process object using process analysis methods and tools, the process is divided into processing, one by one check, moving and stagnant state of 4 kinds of records and a method of analysis. From the first work to the last work, comprehensive research and analysis have unnecessary repetition of unreasonable operation program is reasonable, whether handling if too much delay for too long, etc. , through the analysis of the entire process step by step, to improve the space configuration and operation method, improve the work efficiency. Process analysis also belongs to the field of macro analysis, it is in many ways the same as the process analysis, just process analysis than the more specific, more detailed content, and it USES than process analysis widely. 2, the collar of your shirt sewing process analysis using effective process method, the process status of the collar of your shirt sewing process for recording, analysis and improvement, in the collar of your shirt sewing production activities, is taken by many operators in the form of division of work. To everyone's job as the smallest unit of the process of analysis of technological process, when the process is analyzed using graphic symbols and language illustrated the performance of the method, give a person the sense with the be clear at a glance. 3, the process analysis of the meaning of this definition can be summarized as the following: process analysis is a macro analysis of the phenomenon, it is not only a production jobs, a link as the goal, but the whole system as the analysis object, from the first step to the last link, from the first line of work procedure, to the last line of the whole process of analysis and research.
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