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by:Teesso     2020-04-12
Summer arrived, and the enterprise custom make the season of summer uniform, many enterprises will be customized T-shirt uniform. So how to choose the customized T-shirt uniform manufacturer? In addition to the manufacturer's reputation, but also it involves how to field screening T-shirt uniform quality techniques. Skill 1: according to the taste of new T-shirt identifying quality usually made after new clothes without washing before will have taste. The provisions of the national garment standard has: clothing not aromatic odor, mildew, fishy, one or more of the oil and plastic. If manufacturer of T-shirt uniform smell the smell of the garment, so you have to be vigilant, as this may be a T-shirt with large amounts of chemical fiber polyester/cotton fabric, or at least the unqualified products. Material of the fabrics are cotton T-shirt is usually boring or wood. So this is also a method. Work skills 2: according to the t-shirts identify the quality of the so-called the overall shape of the work is from the T-shirt and the cohesion of the needle and thread. Holding the quality qualified T-shirt or lay flat on the desktop, T-shirt as a whole from the middle door boy is symmetric, from hem to two sleeves no deformation. Ms t-shirts usually do you have a waist, relatively lateral than the inside of the sleeves 3 to 4 cm long. Then we will look at clothes connecting needle and thread? Skilled tailor make qualified T-shirt line all go very straight, no bending, single beard needle distance between 1 mm to 5 mm. Carefully observe the stitches out presence of needle hole, because there are T-shirt fabrics fabrics used in the decoherence of the characteristics of big sex so once there is needle hole or scissors mouth hole, will easily make t-shirts hole. Three skills: according to identify quality T-shirt fabrics as overalls t-shirts have basically two cotton and polyester-cotton. If the enterprise requirement for T-shirt is higher, suggested that choose cotton fabrics. If is a collar T-shirt, as many would say that the yarn knitted T-shirt fabrics, the scope of the general range is 21 to 46 of knitting yarn. Although the higher yarn weave, the higher the density of the fabric is soft, but most of the T-shirt is enough between 21 to 32. If it is round collar or collarless T-shirt, its fabric is usually measured in g. The so-called g, that is to say how many grams of one square metre fabrics. Generally is 100 grams to 300 grams, the higher the gram weight fabrics is thick, choose 180 g best. Cotton fabric on the basis of this as the difference between the card and the card, as the name implies, combing certainly better than the comb. Comb's fabric is coarser, even have a prick the hand; Combing the fabrics of tentacles smooth, feel is smooth. The fabrics of tc is in addition to introduction, the light from the outside it is difficult to distinguish polyester cotton and pure cotton, but polyester cotton clothes are relatively easy to deformation, also not breathable, a little hot, and even a bit easier to fluff. This is the T-shirt fabrics should pay attention to. With the help of the three skills can without hide something inferior T-shirt uniform, the enterprise also can avoid spend injustice money order those T-shirt uniform. Continue to focus on Teesso, give you surprises!
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