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Custom t-shirts need to consider

by:Teesso     2020-04-19
T-shirt order, must according to its staff's interests, lay the do to adapt to the style, for industries, must give prominence to the character, employees also represents the image of the enterprise to some extent, it also affects the outside perception of enterprise personnel, even is a part of corporate culture, so a T-shirt order to communicate with customized manufacturer design personnel detailed before. 1. Comfort levels. Custom t-shirts should first focus on comfort, including shoulders, sleeves, etc. T-shirt seams should be perfect to the edge of the shoulder joint, furthermore, the length of the cuff around in biceps raised position, rather than extending to the elbow, the length of the clothes shoulds not be too long, but need to be able to cover the trousers belt, if it's round neck T-shirt, get a department cannot lead strength, has the feeling of bondage. 2. Cut round collar and v-neck T-shirt is one of the most classic collar type, usually they can very good satisfy most people wear. V-neck T-shirt can make the neck line natural elongation, spin height and the effect of thin body, also can be the perfect foil men on the chest line, inadvertently reveal sexy manly. Many businesses in Beijing when the T-shirt order choose v-neck T-shirt, can spin round and wide face, but a slender face should avoid to choose deep v-neck, they are easy to make the face look longer. 3. Colour different color can produce different effects on the vision, the collocation of different color also can change the style, so in Beijing custom t-shirts, the choice of color also need to be careful. 4. Fabric fabric permeability and absorbent sex is T-shirt order first concern of the Beijing, good cotton T-shirt is the most popular, and other fabrics such as polyester fiber, linen, silk material is optional. 5. Printed here refers to the patterns of the printed on the clothes, in addition to the cut, color, custom t-shirts T-shirt design is also many considerations when selecting a T-shirt, a thin people had better choose exaggerated design or large area color piece to achieve visual magnification effect. In order to ensure that its employees are comfortable, in addition, small make up recommend customized cotton T-shirt in the summer and winter two season, customized quartz material should also take into consideration the circumstances change color, in general, bear the T-shirt order, colorful in addition to the advertising industry and other special industries, make the person produces dazzling, avoid or not serious.
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