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Custom t-shirts in general? The depth of the custom is what mean?

by:Teesso     2020-04-17
Generally we custom t-shirts, mostly use spot design provided by the manufacturer, only need to print on the clothes of their own design logo or text, this pattern is generally mild. This mode, the dress has been finished, but still blank billet unlined upper garment, combined with their own design becomes a custom personality T-shirt, this model delivery speed quickly, the fastest can be shipped within 24 hours. Although choose is manufacturer of spot design, the range of optional or a lot, like fabrics, style color, there are many kinds of optional collar type and so on all, suitable for demand is not high, few customer number can also be customized. What is the depth of customization, then? Depth of custom is manufacturer to purchase the fabric production, fabrics, style, color, etc all specified by the customer, no matter what all can do it, including led label, care label and tags can be customized according to customer's request. Depth of custom to have a certain number of requirements, if the quantity is less, not recommended for deep customized, the price will be high, and t-shirts ordinary people wear a year, most manufacturers provide spot generally can meet. Number, the time is not urgent, can consider the depth of the custom, but also has a number of customer willing to use spot design, because the custom t-shirts is likely to be used in a certain activity, don't want to get very complicated.
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