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by:Teesso     2020-04-20
Need customized t-shirts, sample and logo should be how to do? 1. Should pay attention to ask for sample although individual users usually custom-made volume is small, but the quality is very high, so in Beijing, looking for a T-shirt order manufacturers custom-made, attention should be paid to ask factory for sample, if you want to custom is a collar T-shirt, so have to focus on T-shirt collar elastic, only after repeated washing good elastic collar will not appear in the damaged, deformation and loss of crisp. 2. Pay attention to provide better design quality people custom t-shirts, hope the above printing patterns that oneself like, but should pay attention to provide the design should be of high resolution, because Beijing custom T-shirt manufacturer in making clothes, will need to design to dig out first and then converted to vector curve, so as to ensure the printing effect is good, there will be no Mosaic phenomenon. 3. Pay attention to the chest don't use kinds big an everybody in Beijing T-shirt order manufacturers custom-made, attention should be paid to the design of the selected should be reasonable size, especially in the chest area don't have a particularly large color piece, avoid airtight printing location. In addition, t-shirts printed general predecessor, refuse and cuff three position, if it is small batch printing, pay attention to the using way, avoid designs from the armhole to the position of the shoulder. Above is the small batch custom user custom T-shirt manufacturer in Beijing when the order need to pay attention to details. Everyone in Beijing custom T-shirt manufacturer to make clothes is in order to be able to have both good and high quality T-shirt, so in order to achieve these goals, in order to the people of aspects should be pay more attention to the problems, and make sure good T-shirt style and fabric then began to production.
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