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Custom T-shirt fabric types

by:Teesso     2020-04-12
When we want to buy t-shirts, we all want to T-shirt wearing comfortable, collocation is convenient, inexpensive, this is the first choice for us to buy, let's to parse the T-shirt fabrics of common sense. T-shirt fabric types can have the following classification. 1. Leisure T-shirt more than ordinary cotton fabrics using common cotton fabric, the fabric of the T-shirt wearing comfortable, but crisp sex is a bit poor. Wrinkle easily, easy to deformation after launching. 2. Pure cotton fabrics, feel is good, wearing comfortable, environmental protection, generally between 160 grams to 300 grams, is too thin will be transparent, too thick will be hot, generally choose 180 - Between 260 grams of weight to be beautiful, count is 21 and 32, commonly refers to the average length of cotton fiber, the higher the more soft, and the veil is divided into yarn, spinning and spinning, yarn fabric surface is rough, especially dark fabrics have white yarn. Pure yarn fabric surface is clean and tidy, feel is also very soft. 3. Mercerized cotton fabrics of silk cotton fabric with cotton as raw material, through high weaving yarn, worsted made again after singeing, mercerizing and other special processing process, soft anti-wrinkle is bright and clean bright beautiful, high quality mercerized yarn. With high quality knitted fabric made of this material, not completely retained the natural characteristic of raw cotton quality, and with a silky luster, fabric soft, wet gas absorption, elasticity and hang down feeling good; Combined with the design and color is rich, wearing comfortable and casual, fully embodies the wearer's temperament and taste. 4. Cotton double mercerized fabric cotton double mercerized fabric is 'double double wire' pure cotton products, after singeing, mercerizing and mercerized yarn as raw material, reference CAD computer aided design system and CAM computer aided production system, the pattern of the fabric weave design quickly and the grey again after singeing, mercerizing, after a series of finishing, producing the high-grade knitted fabrics, the cloth texture clear, design novel, the luster bright, feel is smooth, mercerized cotton superior, but due to two silk finishing, the price is a bit expensive. 5. Ultra high count pure cotton fabrics, very few companies will use this fabric, because the price is very expensive, 120 yarn fabrics of cotton T-shirt prices as high as 210 yuan a kilogram, 200 yarn and cotton T-shirt fabric price is higher, more than 3000 a kilo, 250 yarn and the cotton T-shirt fabrics need 1800 pounds, and didn't have this kind of fabric production process in our country. 6. Polyester-cotton fabric soft thick, washing out of shape not easily, but is a bit poor wearing comfort is cotton. Common terylene is 35% cotton, 65% polyester and 65% cotton, 35% polyester than cases. 7. Join the characteristics of spandex cotton fabric of cotton T-shirt is feel good, wearing comfortable environmental protection, but the wrinkle easily. Add a small amount of spandex filament can significantly change the fabric physical properties, greatly add elastic fabrics, and maintain pure cotton texture and comfort at the same time. In addition, the neckline to join spandex can prevent the neckline large deformation, maintaining the lasting elastic neckline. Above is about the fabrics of cotton T-shirt, mastered these fabrics is common sense, let you when the choose and buy t-shirts, can be to one's liking, white background, will soon be able to choose to belong to your T-shirt.
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